google now football euro 2016 card (2)

Football fanatics, this one’s for you.

If you’re a true fan of the beautiful game, you probably don’t need Google to remind you about match results, lineups, and rosters. But just in case you do, or if you just want to keep an eye out for the progress of your favorite teams, Google Now has handy cards related to Euro 2016 and Copa America 2016.

The 2016 edition of UEFA European Championship is scheduled to start on Friday, June 10, with the inaugural match between France (the host of the tournament) and Romania. 24 teams will duel for the continent’s highest national team honors, with the final set for July 10.

Meanwhile, the centennial edition of Copa América is already underway in the US, for the first time outside of South America. 16 teams are battling for the right to raise The Cup of the Century on June 26.

Regardless of the championship you want to follow, Google Now will show you the option to follow the desired teams, provided you’ve shown interest in (i.e. “googled”) the championships, any of the national teams, or club teams from any of the participating countries.

And, if you just want a high level view of the competitions, searching for their names will return scores and schedules right in the Google search page.

Did you spot these cards?