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How to find archived orders on Amazon

They're not far away.
June 2, 2023

Many people share an Amazon account with their spouse, significant other, or relatives. This has lots of advantages, such as being able to share an Amazon Prime account or Kindle books, but it can also have its downsides as well. The main downside is that everyone will be able to see what you order on Amazon. If it’s a secret birthday present or something embarrassing, then that may not be information you want to have leaked out. The solution? Archiving orders. Here’s how to find archived orders on Amazon.


Archiving an Amazon order is as simple as clicking Archive Order on the product description on your order page. To find those orders again — and unarchive them if you wish — drop down the filter box, and the last option is Archived Orders. Select that to see everything that was previously archived.

How to find archived orders on Amazon

Here’s how to find an archived order on Amazon.

After signing into your Amazon account, click Account & Lists at the top. In the drop-down menu, select Your Orders.

amazon your orders menu

Now drop down the menu that filters your orders by year. Scroll down to the very bottom of that menu to find the Archived Orders option. Click that.

amazon archived orders menu

You will now get a list of all your ‘hidden orders’ (as Amazon calls them). Unfortunately, you can’t filter the archived orders by date, so if you have a lot of them, you’d better start scrolling.

You can also unarchive an order and bring it back into the normal order history by clicking the Unarchive Order link on each order.

amazon archived orders list

Also, note that archived orders do not appear in the Your browsing history at the bottom of the front page.


No, it is still there. It has just been moved to a different section of your account.

It can only be done on the desktop Amazon website, not the phone app.