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Fastest charging cables for the HUAWEI P30 Pro

Check out the fastest charging cabled you can get for the HUAWEI P30 Pro, which can support up to 40w of power with its own wall charger.

Published onAugust 18, 2019

HUAWEI P30 Pro held in front of door

The HUAWEI P30 Pro is the current flagship device for the China-based smartphone maker. Among other things, it has a large 4,200mAh battery and it supports HUAWEI’s SuperCharge technology. That means that wired battery charging on this phone can go as high as 40W. Even with such a large battery, you can charge up the phone with the included 40w wall charger from zero to 70 percent in about 40 minutes or so, and all the way up to 100 percent in just over one hour.

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None of this fast charging tech means as much if you don’t own a fast charging cable. Let’s take a look at some of the fastest charging cables you can get for the HUAWEI P30 Pro.

Fastest charging cables for HUAWEI P30 Pro

  1. Volta 2.0
  2. Volta XL
  3. Anker Powerline II cable
  4. Belkin USB-A to USB-C cable
  5. iSeeker charging cable
  1. AUKEY charging cable
  2. Mophie charging cable
  3. Volutz charging cables
  4. HUAWEI SuperCharge cable

1. Volta 2.0 magnetic charging cable

Volta 2.0 charging cable

The Volta 2.0 magnetic cable is a sleek 5A charging cable that’s also a sync magnetic cable. While it has a standard USB connection on one end, the other end has a magnet that can connect to three different tips: USB-C, Lightning or Micro-USB cable. If you put the magnetic tips inside the ports of your favorite mobile devices, the magnetic connector on the cable can quickly snap into place. No fumbling around with trying to put a cable connection inside a small hole; the magnets on each end do that work for you.

The Volta 2.0 supports USB-C Power Delivery, along with HUAWEI’s SuperCharge technology and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. You can get the Volta 2.0 charging cable direct from the company for $19.25.

2. Volta XL

Volta XL charging cable

The Volta XL fast charging cable is also a USB-C based product with a magnetic connection on one end. It connects to a separate USB-C tip that inserts on its own in your compatible smartphone, tablet, or other device. It’s also capable of very fast battery charging speeds. It is up to 70 percent faster than other 5W charging cables when powering up a Google Pixel XL smartphone.

Like the Volta 2.0, the Volta XL is compatible with HUAWEI’s SuperCharge technology and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. You can purchase it directly from the Volta web site in your choice of red or black colors.

3. Anker PowerLine II USB Type-C to USB Type-C charging cable

Anker is well known for external batteries and wireless speakers, but it also has a lineup of phone charging cables as well. One of them is its PowerLine II USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable. The 3-foot Anker PowerLine II can deliver charging speeds at, in theory, should go up to 100W (5A) of power. If you are also concerned about data transfer speeds, this cable can support transfers of up to 10Gbps. Anker has given this cable a lifetime warranty. However, this cable costs a bit more than other charging cables of the same length. You can get the PowerLine II USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable on Amazon for $19.99.

4. Belkin USB-A to USB Type-C charging cable

USB-C and USB ports.

This cable is for those of you still using an older USB-A external battery, or a car charger with those kinds of ports. but also own a newer USB Type-C smartphone like the HUAWEI P30 Pro. This Belkin charging cable can charge a device up to 60W in theory, though the USB-A port limits the top charging speeds to 20W.

You can buy the 5-foot version of this Belkin cable for $9.99 on Amazon, or the 6-foot version for $19.99, though it’s currently on sale for just $7.99. The cable even comes in a few different colors, including black, white, blue and pink.

5. iSeeker High Charging Speed Nylon Braided Micro USB Cable

The iSeeker cables will offer smartphone owners a way to charge up their devices with currents up to 2.1 amps, well above the standard in normal USB cables. The nylon fabric braided cable has an aluminum-based connector, and it’s been tested to last over 8,000 bends — again well above the average. The ones sold on Amazon come in a three-pack, with each cable measured at six feet long. Finally, the company offers a lifetime warranty, which would seem to suggest that it thinks its cables will stay working for a long, long time.

6. AUKEY USB-C to USB-A fast charging cable

AUKEY Samsung Galaxy S10 fast charging cable

The AUKEY 3.3 foot fast charging cable comes in a three-pack as well, with a USB-C connection on one end and a standard USB-A connection on the other. In addition, the cable itself is made of a durable braided nylon material that is supposed to last up to 6,000 bends or more. The three-pack is available on Amazon now for $13.99.

7. Mophie fast charging cable

Mophie fast charging cable

Mophie is best known for its battery cases, but it also makes other products as well, including this USB-C to USB-A fast charging cable. The two-meter cable is made of a DuPont Kevlar armored core, which should offer more durability on top of fast charging for your HUAWEI P30 Pro. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so if for some reason the cable gets damaged or worn out, Mophie will send you a new one for free. The charging cable is a bit on the expensive side at $29.99.

8. Volutz fast charging cable 5-pack

Volutz fast charging cable

If you really want lots of fast charging cables available for your HUAWEI P30 Pro you might want to check out the Volutz 5-pack. These USB-C to USB-A charging cables come in different colors, and more importantly support s. The connections are gold plated for heavy use, and the cable material is designed to take up to 15,000 bends. You can get all five of these fast charging cables on Amazon for $18.98.

9. Official HUAWEI SuperCharge charging cable

huawei charging cable
huawei charging cable


As we mentioned, the HUAWEI P30 Pro supports the SuperCharge technology, which allows up to 40W of power to go into the phone with the included wall charger. HUAWEI also has its own SuperCharge cable which can be used with that wall charger. The 3.28-foot USB-A to USB-C cable supports up to 5V and 4.5A and is uses a tin-plated copper core for power transmission. It also has a double shield material to make data transmission more stable. You can get this official HUAWEI SuperCharge charging cable on Amazon now for just $6.99.

Which of these fast charging cables will you get for your HUAWEI P30 Pro phone? Let us know in the comments.

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