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An error is preventing some people from using Google Wallet

Google Wallet has started running into an error that's preventing users from sending mobile payments.

Published onSeptember 26, 2022

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  • Some people are reporting that they are unable to use Google Wallet.
  • The root cause of the issue is an error that claims the device is rooted or running uncertified software.
  • The software in question could be Google’s own safety system.

If you’re having trouble using Google Wallet, you’re not alone. A number of people are reporting that they are experiencing an error that’s preventing them from using the app.

As discovered by Android Police, some Google Wallet users are reporting on Reddit that they are unable to use Google Wallet. These users appear to be running into a security issue that causes a notification to pop up stating that their device is rooted or running uncertified software.

Despite using unmodified Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy handsets, the prompt appears every time they attempt to use Google Wallet. Not even quick fixes, like clearing cache from the Play Store, seem to work.

As Android Police states, the problem could be linked to SafetyNet Attestation API, something Google uses to secure payments when using Google Wallet.

When using Google Wallet, SafetyNet Attestation API performs a check on the device to ensure it wasn’t compromised in a way that would make transmitting sensitive information risky. This means making sure the bootloader — the program that tells your phone what operating system to run — is locked. If your phone passes the check, you’ll be able to make a payment with Google Wallet.

However, Google plans on replacing SafetyNet Attestation API with a new API called Play Integrity by 2024. While 2024 is the deadline for third-party apps to start using Play Integrity, it’s possible that Google has already begun rolling out the API to some of its own software. According to Mishaal Rahman, Esper technical editor, Google Wallet is already running on Play Integrity.

If the SafetyNet Attestation check detects the Play Integrity API, it’s possible that SafetyNet could consider Play Integrity uncertified software. This would result in the app being unusable.

At the moment, it’s unclear what exactly is causing the error, but this explanation sounds like it could be plausible. We’ll just have to wait until Google provides a response.

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