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Are email addresses case-sensitive? Here's what you need to know

Will get to its destination?

Published onJanuary 28, 2022

The username part of an email address can sometimes have numbers and special characters. But what if someone gives you an email address with a combination of upper-case and lower-case letters? Will that email address work if you send it an email? Or does all of the email address need to be lower-case? In other words, are email addresses case-sensitive? We will now answer this vitally important question in the internet world.

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No, email addresses are not case-sensitive. Emails sent to will arrive the same as if you'd sent them to Gmail also makes no distinction if there's a full stop in the username. captainobvious and captain.obvious are the same email address in Gmail's eyes.

Are email addresses case-sensitive?

email 3249062 1280

No, email addresses are not case-sensitive, as stated above. But the more of a show-off you are, with multiple upper-case and lower-case letters, the more chance there is that someone will misspell the email address. Therefore, it’s best to keep it simple to avoid confusion and possibly send your NSFW pictures to a stranger. Stick to lower-case lettering at all times.

If you do give someone a weird version of your email address in both upper-case and lower-case lettering, your email will get delivered, though. Email platforms these days are smart enough to figure it out.

Gmail also doesn’t care if you stick full stops in your username. Gmail will ignore the full stops when sending an email to you as if they’re not there.

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