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How to double-space on Google Docs

Do you need a little more space?
February 15, 2022
Google Docs double spacing
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Double-spacing a page of text makes reading much easier and more enjoyable. In terms of schoolwork, it gives professors room to circle errors and make comments on certain things. Knowing how to double-space on Google Docs will go a long way as you write more documents in the future.

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To double-space on Google Docs, click the Line & paragraph spacing button in the top toolbar, and then Double.

To double-space on the Google Docs app for Android and iOS, press the Format button at the top of the app, then Paragraph. Under Line spacing, use the arrow keys to raise the value to 2.


How to double-space on Google Docs (PC and Mac)

In Google Docs, click the Line & paragraph spacing button. This looks like a two-way vertical line next to three horizontal lines.

click line and paragraph spacing
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

In the following dropdown, click Double. You also have the option to change your line spacing to Single1.151.5, and Custom Spacing.

click double from the dropdown
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

After clicking Double from Line & paragraph spacing, everything you type will be formatted as double-spaced text.

formatted as double spaced
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

If you want text you previously typed to be double-spaced, highlight it by clicking and dragging your cursor over it. Select Line & paragraph spacing–>Double.

How to double-space on the Google Docs app (Android and iOS)

Open a document on the Google Docs mobile app for Android or iOS. Press the Format button at the top of the interface; this looks like a capital letter ‘A’ to the left of four horizontal lines.

press the format button at the top of google docs
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

A menu for text formatting will pop up from the bottom of your screen. Press the Paragraph tab.

press paragraph
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Scroll down to Line spacing, and raise its value up to using the upwards arrow button on the right.

raise the line spacing value to 2
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Your text will now be double-spaced.

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