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Disney Plus is getting a huge content boost, and not just for kids

Whether it's FAWS, Nomadland, or some adult animation, there are more reasons than ever to try Disney Plus!

Published onApril 23, 2021

Disney Plus main screen 2
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Since its launch, Disney Plus has been the go-to source for everything from Star Wars to animated classics. Not only that but it’s been your best bet to find new Marvel shows like WandaVision. Now, Disney Plus is getting an even bigger boost with Oscar nominees, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale, and more adult animation than you can shake a stick at. Here’s what we know.

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We’ll take you through just a few of the exciting new titles hitting the small screen, but don’t forget that you can sign up for just $8 per month.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale

falcon winter solder

Marvel’s Falcon and the Winter Soldier series (or FAWS) picks up with the two titular characters just six months after Falcon receives the title of Captain America.  The series follows their adventures in coming to grips with a new Captain, as well as a whole host of MCU cameos.

The show was planned for launch before WandaVision as part of the MCU’s phase four. As we now know, Disney had to make a few changes to the order, and we’re finally ready for the season finale. Of course, we’re not here to give you any spoilers, but you have plenty of time to catch up on the first five parts before today’s episode airs.

If you’re already caught up on FAWS, don’t forget to give WandaVision a watch. Don’t worry; parts of it confused us, too.

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Oscar-favorite Nomadland


If you prefer films to series, Disney Plus has you covered. Expected Oscar darling Nomadland is landing on April 30 for subscribers in Canada and the United Kingdom. The film has already claimed two Golden Globes, so now is the perfect time to sit down with your box of popcorn.

Chloe Zhao’s film is an adaptation of the book written by Jessica Bruder, and it follows the journey of a woman who has lost everything to the Great Recession. She packs up what little she has left and sets out to roam the American West as a modern nomad. Nomadland stars Frances McDormand and David Straithairn, as well as a host of true modern nomads.

The film lands on Disney Plus in just one week, so you’ll get to see it bring home some Oscars before you can watch. After all, it sounds much better to see Nomadland before it takes home a haul of Oscars. You can also check out Nomadland on Hulu, which is included in the Disney Plus bundle.

Adult animation galore

bart gets an f simpsons

Once you’ve gone through the incredible cinematic experience of Nomadland and caught up with FAWS, it might be time for something lighter. Luckily, there’s plenty of adult animation to go around on both Disney Plus and Hulu.

If you’re hoping for something in the Rick & Morty vein, season two of Solar OPPOsites should be right up your alley. It follows a family of aliens who has moved to middle America, hoping for a better life. The show features voices you know and love from Justin Roiland, Thomas Middleditch, and more. Perhaps best of all, Solar OPPOsites has already been given a season three, so there’s more to come.

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Outside of Solar OPPOsites, you’ll also find Futurama and Family Guy right at home on Hulu. While there aren’t any new episodes of Futurama for you to dig into, it’s hard to get tired of the classics. There’s more than enough of Fry and Bender to go around. You can also give Family Guy a try, which has been running continuously since 1999. Seth McFarlane and crew are still pumping out new episodes, so you’ll probably never have to worry about running out.

One last adult animation classic for you to sink your teeth into is The Simpsons. It’s the longest-running animated show, having premiered a full decade before Family Guy in 1989. You probably already know the family by now, as the show has become a cultural touchstone. However, the only way to catch up on each episode is through Disney Plus.

Now that we’ve given you more than enough to watch make sure you’re all set up for the full Disney Plus experience. You can learn more about pricing as well as the Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus bundle at the button below:

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