Black Friday has arrived early in the US, it seems: with a special coupon, you can buy a brand-new Google Home for just $64 on eBay.

Google Home Mini
Where to buy Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max (Update: Home Max now on sale)

The Google Home family is quickly expanding, now ranging from a $49 “mini” version to a $399 supersized speaker. That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the original Google Home though – in fact, the original AI-powered speaker from Google remains one of the most aesthetically-pleasing and advanced smart speakers out there. Well, to put a cherry on top, so to speak, this holiday season, you can get your hands on one of these bad boys for just $64 through eBay.

A seller by the name “yapper_wireless” on eBay is selling brand-new Google Home units for $79, which isn’t a bad deal. As Android Police points out, however, there is a special coupon that you can redeem only on the eBay for Android app. Using PSHOPAPP should automatically apply a $15 discount, bringing the total price of the Google Home down to $64 from $79. Indeed, that’s only $15 more expensive than the Google Home Mini. 

The seller has 97.5% positive feedback and offers free shipping within the US as well as a 30-day window for returns. Not surprisingly, almost 4,000 Google Home units have been sold already. Again, this code cannot be used on the eBay website, only through the Android app, so here’s a link to the Play Store: