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Apple is finally fixing a problem that caused text messages to stop reaching users who switched from iOS to Android or other mobile platforms.

The problem, which first began to affect users in 2011, prevents texts sent to some former iOS users from reaching their recipients. The issue happens when a user does not de-register their phone number from Apple’s iMessage before moving their SIM card to an Android or other non-iOS device. When an iMessage user sends a message to the number, the message is routed through iMessage instead of SMS, effectively remaining stuck on a service that the recipient can’t access any more.

The problem only affects texts sent from iPhones to former iPhone users that converted to different platforms. As you can imagine, lost texts can cause a huge amount of frustration and confusion. Back in May, a Samsung user affected by the issue even filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the company failed to disclose that switching to Android would cause this issue.

The issue can be avoided if the user deregisters their number before removing their SIM from the iPhone. But many people forget to do this, and in some cases, the de-registration doesn’t work as it’s supposed to.

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Now Apple is finally offering an easy tool for former iOS users to de-register their numbers from iMessage and begin receiving all their texts again. The tool is available online here – simply enter your phone number and then the confirmation code you will receive to de-register from iMessage.

If you’ve been having issues with text messages after switching to Android definitely give this tool a try.