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Dashlane’s “Project Mirror” will kill the password by managing your passwords

Today, Dashlane announced "Project Mirror" and its intent to kill the password in 2018. That's a bold claim that their press release doesn't seem to back up. Passwords aren't the best, but they are here to stay.

Published onJanuary 4, 2018


  • Password management company Dashlane announced a new system called “Project Mirror,” which they claim will kill the password in 2018.
  • The press release goes into depth about what Project Mirror does, but gives no clear indication how it will kill the concept of text-based passwords.
  • Despite Dashlane’s announcement, it is certain that text-based passwords will not be killed in 2018.

There are dozens of prominent password managers out there, with LastPass, Enpass, Keeper, and RoboForm near the top of the pack. But without question, the most critically lauded password management software is Dashlane. Seek out any list of the best password managers available and Dashlane is sure to be included, if not at the top of the list.

As is becoming the norm with companies at the top of their field, Dashlane just made an audacious claim in a mic-drop press release: it is going to “kill the password” in 2018.

Through a new feature set it’s calling Project Mirror, Dashlane hopes to make creating, remembering, and updating passwords a thing of the past. How does it plan to do that? By continuing to manage your passwords, of course.

Wait, what?

You read that right: Dashlane is boasting that it will kill the password by continuing to do what it has done since day one, which is manage your passwords.

Project Mirror will simply make it easier for you to organize and secure your internet life. This includes things like your credit card information, important documents, and yes, your passwords. It will also give you security check-ups, notify you of weak passwords in your keychain, and then automatically update them without you having to lift a finger.

But obviously, you’ll still have passwords, including the master password that enables you to access your personal Dashlane account. So, it’s unclear how Dashlane plans to kill the entire concept of password security in a year.

While there has been much discussion in the tech world over the past ten years about the inherent weaknesses in password security, even the most progressive of security professionals agree that all credible security policies should still involve passwords in some way. Biometrics like fingerprint readers and retina scanners are lauded, but still fallible; two-factor authentication is stronger than a simple password, but still fallible and a typical password is needed for it to work.

In other words, passwords are a necessary evil. The best way to keep yourself secure is to use complex passwords that get updated on a regular basis; and yes, a great password manager is perfect for this task. Project Mirror seems like it will be invaluable at making password management easier and safer, but don’t be fooled by the click-bait headline of their press release: you will still have passwords this time next year. Guaranteed.

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