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Daily Authority: 😨 Yes, no-mobile-phone-phobia is a thing

Do you own your smartphone, or does your smartphone own you? Let's discuss.

Published onNovember 14, 2022

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Robert Triggs / Android Authority

😶 Good day all, and welcome to the Daily Authority! It’s a new week, and I’m kicking mine off with one thumping headache. But not to worry, things can only get better from here!

Our main story this week is about “nomophobia,” specifically the fear of living without a smartphone.

Screen on, brain off?

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Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Our reliance on our mobile devices isn’t a big issue, but being terrified of not holding one in your hand is something that should be addressed. Like addictive substances, phones have some surprising negative effects when used excessively. We only want the best for you. Here are our tips for battling nomophobia and phone addiction.

So what is nomophobia?

  • We all know how useful smartphones are for everything from calculating grocery totals to recording moments through photos and keeping in touch with loved ones.
  • However, it becomes a problem when our lives are governed entirely by them.
  • Some studies highlight just how reliant we are on these little black mirrors.
  • The average smartphone user unlocks their device 150 times a day.
  • More worryingly, one in five people would prefer going without shoes for a week than without their phones.
  • “The nature of addiction involves an inability to control usage, a compulsion to use without being conscious of it, and persistence to continue using despite harmful consequences to oneself and others.”
  • Simply put, this is nomophobia.

Why is phone addiction a bad thing?

  • Addiction is a crippling condition.
  • According to some research, phone addiction can actually alter brain chemistry.
  • This may include disruption of a neurotransmitter called GABA which produces a sense of calm or euphoria.
  • Additionally, some studies have noted a loss of Grey Matter in the brain.
  • It’s a part of the central nervous system that controls movement, memory, and emotion.
  • There are other less apparent symptoms, like a lack of general awareness of our surroundings.

How you can combat phone addiction

  • Not all is lost, though.
  • Phone addiction can be remedied, and nomophobia can be controlled.
  • The Android Authority team has decades of cumulative smartphone usage experience, so here’s a few tips for battling these issues.
  • For starters, we recommend limiting notifications.
  • This is a simple step that will encourage you to pick your phone up less often.
  • Going hand-in-hand with this, be sure to take deliberate breaks.
  • It’s not easy to actively disconnect in our connected world, but you should practice ignoring your phone when with friends or family.
  • Some AA members have noticed that placing the phone in another room before heading off for bed improves their sleep.
  • You might also want to avoid some of the most addictive Android games, if you find yourself sinking more time into mobile gaming than you’d like.
  • Finally, our last tip is to be conscious of your usage, but not chastise yourself. Tools like Google’s Digital Wellbeing can really help.
  • “I used to use my phone far more than I do now. But the more you define boundaries, the easier it gets not to pick your phone up compulsively.”


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Monday Meme

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Have a great week!

Andy Walker, Editor.