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Daily Authority: 🆕 Microsoft plus Android without Google

Microsoft's reorganization of some divisions around Android looks interesting for the year to come, and more tech news today!

Published onApril 4, 2022

Microsoft logo at MWC
Kris Carlon / Android Authority

☕ Good morning! There’s a giant fruit conference in Berlin this week, covering everything from new fruits,  topackaging, logistics, quality, buildings… I might try and pop along and see if there’s anything to report. Or eat!

Microsoft + Android

Microsoft confirmed a Windows Central scoop from last week: As part of the company’s usual re-organizations that occur around every 18 months, it has coalesced a new dedicated division around Android.

From the report:

  • “Announced by Chief Product Officer (CPO) Panos Panay in a memo earlier this week, the company is moving its Surface Duo OS, SwiftKey, Phone Link, Microsoft Launcher, and a handful of other Android teams under a new dedicated Android org called “Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences” (AMPX.)
  • “…This new dedicated Android division is designed to help the company double down on its Android offerings and really focus on the platform as a first-party endeavor alongside Windows.”
  • Let’s not ignore history: Microsoft has obviously had close Android ties through the years. My colleagues wrote all kinds of things about Microsoft dropping the ball, laying off most of its Windows Mobile QA testers, and so on.
  • In theory, in 2022, we can draw a line and say that was then and this is now, though there’s some unshakeable baggage…

Why it matters:

  • Microsoft continuing to invest in Android projects, and tying it into a single organization under Panos Panay tells you there’s something to this Windows+Android+Surface realm.
  • Microsoft also announced last week that Your Phone will now be known as Phone Link, as that app attempts to bring Android phones and Windows PCs closer together.
  • Expect more to come.

What’s next: 

  • Microsoft might be continuing to invest some of its power into Android but there are plenty of unknowns, like how closely it’s working with Google. It’s somewhat of a mystery relationship.
  • Microsoft partnering with Amazon’s Appstore vs the Play Store to bring apps to Windows 11 tells us enough to know Google isn’t exactly holding hands with Microsoft’s Android team.
  • Android isn’t owned exactly by Google, of course, although the development of Android certainly is.
  • It’s also still somewhat of a mystery as to how both the Surface Duo and Duo 2 managed to launch with so many terrible bugs.
  • (Though the good news is that apparently the Duo 2 is closer to where it should be now, after months of patches?)
  • And there will be a Duo 3 based on previously reported allocations of resources.
  • In terms of the extended Windows ecosystems, there’s Windows+Android, there’s Chrome OS+Android, and if you really squint, there’s Samsung One UI+Windows+DeX?
  • Nothing is as cohesive as Apple’s macOS and iOS, but the tie-ups are getting more significant.


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🚁 Drone delivery started as weaponized hype, but long after the attention faded, Amazon, Alphabet, and more are continuing to roll out drone delivery across America, partly due to the FAA’s evolving regulation (WSJ, $).

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Monday Meme

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Have a great start to your week,

Tristan Rayner, Senior Editor

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