There’s plenty of innovation sprouting from sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but we all know these crowdfunding websites are also full of nonsense. This is why we have created the ‘Crowdfunding project of the week’ series, where we highlight only the hottest tech in this category. Shall we get started with this week’s feature?

Other featured projects:

Today we are taking a look at GearEye, which is a small device (also comes in the form of a phone case) that will help you manage and keep track of all your expensive equipment, gadgets and accessories.


GearEye keeps track of your belongings by using RFID. These films are called “GearTags” and simply adhere to all your belongings. These are super thin, last years and need no batteries, making them a great solution for this task.


The concept is simple – GearEye simply keeps track of GearTags around it. You can use the app to label what each tag is attached to. Users will get an alert when a tag is no longer within bounds, and it will also help you locate it. One can create lists and decide which products should be carried around or not. The app will also alert you when you have unnecessary baggage you should probably leave home.

Though this was made with photography in mind, we can see it being used in all aspects of life. Us tech enthusiasts would probably benefit from it. I often forget my smart watch, for example. Or I go on trips without my headphones. And of course, let’s not forget chargers and other tech necessities. GearEye would help us organize this messy tech world.

But is it cheap? As it turns out, the price is fair and definitely accessible. You can get a GearEye and 20 GearTags for as low as $129. It’s a good deal considering this bundle is expected to retail for $199, but you do have to wait until July 2017 to see these products shipping.

Would any of you benefit from something like this? I certainly would. You have no idea how packed our bags get when covering tech events. And I always happen to lose something!