Great innovations frequently come from crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but we know you don’t have time to search through hundreds of campaigns. In the ‘Crowdfunding project of the week’ we bring forward the hottest tech in this category, so let’s get started on this week’s gadget.

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Have you ever been left stranded without power? We all know that pain, but there is a source of energy most of us are not taking advantage of – the sun. The SunnyBAG LEAF+ is a solar panel that harnesses this green energy and charges our gadgets wherever there is sunlight.


But we have heard of plenty of solar products around; what makes this one special? There are multiple reasons why you would want the LEAF+. For starters it is thin and portable at under 200 grams, making it possible for the solar panel to hang from any backpack (or whatever you want to attach it too). SunnyBAG also touts its accessory’s resistance, as it is flexible and not affected by the elements. This thing can get wet, dusty and abused.

The solar panel can output 6 Watts of power and comes with a 5,000 mAh battery, as well as Lightning and Micro USB connectors. Those of us with different charging ports can also use adapters to keep devices powered up. These include converters for USB Type-C and 30-pin connectors.

Interested? We believe this could be a great deal for those who often go on hikes or simply want to take advantage of renewable energy wherever they go. If you are considering getting one, all early bird specials are gone by now, but there is the “late bird” offer and you can go home with a SunnyBAG LEAF+ for 76 Euros. The regular package costs 79 Euros. Either option would be a good deal, as it has a recommended retail price of 129 Euros.

Shipments are estimated for December 2016 and the funding goal has been met, so there is nothing to worry about. Are you signing up?

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