It’s Sunday fun day and we are giving you another reason to celebrate the weekend. We are back with the ‘Crowdfunding project of the week’ series, where we showcase the hottest tech products coming from sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Shall we get started with today’s featured campaign?

Other featured projects:

The right tech accessory should be invisible and easy to fit into your lifestyle. Technology shouldn’t feel like yet another burden to worry about, which is why we chose ChargeWrite as this week’s featured crowdfunding project.

At first sight the ChargeWrite looks like any other pen, but this little gizmo can do much more than create fun squiggles. It is a full-on tech supplement. For starters, there is a built-in battery and a universal connector that will charge both Lightning and Micro USB devices. The pen can then be easily recharged through its integrated USB connector.

The actual pen tip can be easily hidden, leaving nothing but the stylus tip exposed for use with any capacitive touch screen. There is also a screen cleaner to clear smudges and remove dirt.

It’s worth noting there are two versions of this pen: the ChargeWrite and the ChargeWrite+. The main difference is that the “plus” version features 16 GB of internal flash memory. In addition, there is a variation in internal battery sizes. I was thrown off by the fact that the standard edition is bigger at 1,000 mAh. Meanwhile, the ChargeWhite+ sports a 650 mAh unit.

This is a very convenient tool to keep around, especially if you are one to carry a pen anyways. Interested? Back the project with $29 for the ChargeWrite or $39 for the ChargeWrite+. The best part is you won’t have to wait around for the company to make these. They are already made and will ship in April, when the campaign ends.

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