If you own a Google Home device as well as a Chromecast, you can already stream videos from YouTube, Netflix, and other services to your TV using various voice commands. Google has now expanded voice control capabilities of Home devices by adding support for YouTube TV.

As you may know, YouTube TV offers live broadcast feeds from ABC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, and a number of other networks. It’s available in most major US cities and will set you back $35 per month.

YouTube TV subscribers can now stream content by saying, “Play the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy”, “Play MSNBC”, and so on. Google Home also allows you to play, pause, stop, rewind, fast forward, as well as record content with voice commands.

Along with bringing YouTube TV support to Home devices, Google also has a great deal for new subscribers. For a limited time, those who sign up for YouTube TV will get a free Chromecast, which currently retails for $35 on the company’s online store. Those of you interested can visit YouTube TV’s website via the button below and try it out free of charge for a month.


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