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OnePlus and Cyanogen have certainly gotten off to a rough start ever since the One’s launch in India, which ultimately banned (then unbanned) the device from being sold in the region due to an exclusive partnership between Cyanogen and Micromax. Following the big debacle from a few months ago, many OnePlus One users have been wondering if their devices would ever get the update to CM12S. If you’re an owner of the One handset and live in India, you’re in luck. Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, recently revealed on Twitter that OnePlus One users in India would in fact receive the update to CM12S as an OTA.

For now, we haven’t been given any sort of timeframe for the update, but we do know that CyanogenMod 12S is making its way to the United States sometime this week. We’re not sure if that’s an indicator for a potential timeframe or not, so we’ll have to wait for further word from the OnePlus team.

We’ll surely let you know if OnePlus holds up its end of the bargain and delivers the update on time. Once the U.S. update rolls out, it shouldn’t be too much longer until other regions see the update as well. OnePlus One owners in India, are you excited for CM12S?

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