Still on the search for the perfect cloud music streaming service? The new DoubleTwist app CloudPlayer may be the right one for many of you. At least I know I fell in love with it right away, as it’s not really a cloud service in and of itself. It harnesses the power of other cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive to bring one of the most flexible and full-featured music apps around.

As its name entails, CloudPlayer allows you to play music straight from the cloud. It just needs to access one or more of the services mentioned above and scan your library. I downloaded it and it’s crazy easy. I was literally up and running in like a minute, with all my music ready to play.

The feature to sync with your cloud storage service definitely closes the deal, but CloudPlayer is not going to stop surprising us there. I meant it when I said this is one of the most flexible and full-featured music apps out there. CloudPlayer supports both Chromecast and AirPlay. It can also play your high-quality tunes, as it is compatible with FLAC and ALAC. It’s all DRM-free and DropBox users can grant music library access to one family member. You can even download the cache for your music and play it offline!

I can’t think of a music application that doesn’t fall behind when compared to CloudPlayer… at least in terms of cloud features and wireless support. In fact, I will start using it over Google Play Music. I am a huge Google Drive fan and pretty much my whole PC is synced to it. There’s really no need to upload my music to both Google Play Music and Google Drive. In fact, I never knew why Google needs to keep them separated.

If you are like me, there’s no need to worry anymore. CloudPlayer is one hell of an app!

So the service is great, but what about the app?

I have not been using this app for an extended period of time, so I can’t give you an elaborated opinion just yet. What I can tell you is that I have encountered no issues so far. It is also super easy to navigate and understand. Simply slide your menu out from the left and all your categories will be there. From here you can also opt to turn off online access to save data, after which only your local and downloaded songs will show up.

There’s also a search button to find your music and albums are displayed with well-sized icons. It manages to look good and stay simple. That’s all an app needs in order to be a winner by my book.

Access the settings and you can sync/scan your cloud services, choose album art settings, reset the app and more.

cloudplayer by doubletwist android apps weekly


To good to be true? Well, it would be if the app was completely free… but it’s not. You can download it and test its premium features for 7 days, but access will be limited after that trial period. DoubleTwist is charging $4.99 to unlock premium features like cloud streaming, an awesome equalizer and Chromecast/Airplay support. Then again, these are really the features that make CloudPlayer stand out, so if you are signing up you should pay up.

It’s definitely no cheap application, but I can’t think of a better way to spend $4.99 right now. Are you guys as excited about CloudPlayer as me? Hit the comments and let us know how you feel about it!