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Clash Royale update: Free emote and so many dragons in Season 11 update

Supercell celebrates its 10-year anniversary this month with a free emote and more.

Published onMay 4, 2020

Clash Royale update

Welcome to our Clash Royale update hub! We’ll be collecting all the official balance changes and updates for Clash Royale as they’re released by the Finnish giant Supercell.

If you’re a hardcore Clasher, be sure to bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on the latest buffs, nerfs, new game modes, and new cards for Clash Royale. Below you’ll find the most recent update, followed by a list of new cards from this season. Previous Clash Royale updates can be found at the end of the page.

Clash Royale update: The latest

Clash Royale May update

Release date: May 4, 2020

This month’s Clash Royale update is a special one, since developer Supercell is celebrating its 10 year anniversary on May 14. It’s been an incredible decade for the Finnish giant, with hit games like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day, and of course, Clash Royale!

This season’s theme is dragons, so expect several dragon-themed party and tournament game modes. There are also new emotes in the shop to celebrate, as well as a free 10-year anniversary emote available for free as the first tier reward in the free Pass Royale. Learn more about Season 11 rewards in the video above or on the official blog post.

Season 11 brings an appropriate 11 balance updates, although none of them are likely to have an impact on the meta. The biggest changes relate to the Tornado spell, which now lasts half as long (while still doing the same amount of overall damage) and deals damage to buildings and towers. Read the full list of balance changes in the May Clash Royale update on the official blog post.

Clash Royale: New cards

One of the secrets to Clash Royale’s success is the constant updates, changes, and new cards. A single new card can open up tons of great deck possibilities, and add some longevity to the title released way back in 2016. Check out the latest new card releases below!

Heal Spirit

Clash Royale new card heal spirit

A mischievous Spirit that leaps at enemies, dealing damage and leaving behind a powerful healing effect that restores hitpoints to friendly troops!

Release date: April 6, 2020

  • Replaces Heal spell.
  • One-elixir common card found in Hog Mountain or above.
  • Healing comes out much faster than before.

Royal Delivery

Clash Royale new card royal delivery

No need to sign for this package! Dropped from the sky, it damages and knocks back enemy Troops before delivering a Royal Recruit. The empty box is also handy for espionage.

Release date: March 2, 2020

  • Three-elixir common spell found in Spooky Town or above.
  • Spell damage hits both ground and air troops.
  • Can only be played on your side of the arena, like Log or Barbarian Barrel.


When this Archer got tired of her bow and arrow, she turned to something more… explosive.

Release date: January 7, 2020

  • Three-elixir common card available in Hog Mountain and above.
  • Hitpoints identical to Archer, dies to Arrows but survives Log.
  • Shoots a long range missile that deals damage in a cone behind the initial target.

Battle Healer

Battle Healer heals herself over time, and heals nearby friendly troops when dealing damage!

Release date: December 2, 2019

  • 4-Elixir rare troop card.
  • High hitpoints, comparable to Knight.
  • Heals herself when not attacking.
  • Heals nearby troops when dealing damage.

Elixir Golem

Clash Royale new card elixir golem

Splits into two Elixir Golemites when destroyed, which split into two sentient Blobs when defeated. A Blob gives your opponent one elixir when destroyed!

Release date: November 4, 2019.

  • 3-Elixir rare troop card.
  • Very high Hitpoints, further increased by golemites and blobs.
  • Powerful pusher when combined with Clone spell.
  • Be wary of counterpushes when defeated.

Clash Royale update history

Clash Royale April update

Release date: April 6, 2020

Season 10 is here, and with it a brand new (well, sort of) troop card! The Heal spell has officially been replaced by a troop card called Heal Spirit. It still provides a big area of effect heal, but the tiny creature first needs to jump onto an enemy troop or tower. It still costs one Elixir, and throughout Season 10 it will be boosted to your tower level.

This Clash Royale update also brings with it a new arena called Forest Gang Hideout. This is the first time we’re learning more about the home of the Bandit, Rascals, Firecracker, and Magic Archer.

Speaking of Magic Archer, his range was slightly nerfed in this round of balance changes. Skeleton Barrel got a fairly significant speed buff, and Goblin Hut got the Barb Hut treatment with building death spawns.

Learn more about the full list of changes on the official patch notes.

Clash Royale March update

Release date: March 2, 2020

It’s time for a birthday celebration in the Season 9 Clash Royale update! It’s been four years since Clash Royale first came out, and the king has commissioned an arena-sized cake. The new Birthday Battlefield arena will be available for special events throughout the season.

Royal Recruits might not be strong in the current meta, but a new spell card puts a new spin on the concept. Like the Barbarian Barrel, the new Royal Delivery spell drops a box from the sky which pops open to reveal a single Royal Recruit. It can be unlocked via special events, or by opening chests starting next season.

There are also a number of minor (and miner) nerfs and buffs, but the most significant change with this Clash Royale update is a buff to the already strong Golem. Golemites now deal 55% more damage when destroyed, so keep them away from your towers!

For a full list of changes, check out the official patch notes.

Clash Royale February update

Release date: February 3, 2020

The February Clash Royale update doesn’t feature too many changes, but it does feature a whole lot of changes to get legendary cards. Players can earn up to six legendary cards from challenges this season, earning it the moniker “Return to Legendary.”

As for balance changes, there are a few minor buffs and nerfs, with the most notable change being to Barbarian Hut. It now lasts less time, but spawns Barbarians more often. Plus, when it’s destroyed by time or your enemy, two more Barbarians will pop out to continue the fight!

Check out the full list of changes and Royale Pass rewards over at the official patch notes.

Clash Royale January update

Release date: January 6, 2020

The Season 7 Clash Royale update is here, and this time it’s themed around the Chinese New Year. The Lunar Festival event features a reskinned Legendary Arena with Chinese lanterns high in the sky, plus a firework-wielding new card.

Firecracker is a new three cost common troop card that shoots a projectile that explodes upon impact, dealing damage in a wide cone behind the initial target. She has the same amount of hitpoints as an Archer, and looks to be a solid counter to beatdown decks. For now, you can only unlock her via the in-game challenge.

Apart from that, there are a number of balance changes that could have a big effect on the current meta. Witch and Elixir Golem have been nerfed, and Lava Hound has been reworked considerably. Check out the full list of balance changes in the official patch notes.

That’s it for our Clash Royale update hub. Be sure to bookmark this article, as we’ll update it over the next few weeks and months with the latest releases.

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