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Chrome Remote Desktop has added sound support in its latest update, version 53. The remote assistance app, which allows you to control a desktop computer from your Android handset, now streams audio between the host and slave devices.

Audio support had been previously missing from Chrome Remote Desktop but, save for some expected latency, it’s now fully functional; I was just able to stream Spotify from my laptop to Android smartphone without a hitch. Somewhat disappointingly, however, is that you cannot alter the volume from the Android handset, rather that must occur on the desktop/laptop system.

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Using Chrome Remote Desktop and TeamViewer from your Android phone or tablet - Android customization

The update is available now with the latest Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Play Store and could prove particularly useful when trying to troubleshoot audio issues with your parent’s laptop (surely we’ve all encountered this problem at some point?). If you want to find out how to set up Chrome Remote Desktop as well as the excellent productivity tool TeamViewer, follow our link above.

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