What is Christmas in HD Gyro 3D?

Christmas in HD Gyro 3D is a festive live wallpaper that allows you to turn your background into a Christmas scene. It’s a 3D scene and it’s also in HD. There is currently a free version with no in app purchases and a paid version for $0.99 that also has no in app purchases.

The scene features a Christmas tree that just looks really good. It can be adorned with various decorations like snow, presents, a little Android figure, candles, and other festive decorations. It uses a parallax effect that uses your gyroscope or accelerometer so you can move your device and look around the little Christmas scene on your device. The background is also customizable if you pick up the paid version.

There really isn’t much of a difference between the free and paid version and we liked that a lot. The only really major difference is that you can adjust the background in the paid version. You can also adjust whether you want to use your devices gyroscope or the accelerometer to move the image around. The tree is always present and the candle is as well but pretty much everything else can be customized.

Christmas in HD screenshot

It's really quite gorgeous.


It's a Christmas tree in HD that you can view using parallax and lens blur effects.
Aside from the tree and candle, everything else can be customized.
Neither the free or paid versions have advertisements.
They also have no permissions which is nice.
It really does look very good. Clean, sharp, and colorful. Watch the demo video embedded above.
You can remove the Christmas stuff if you want the awesome scene without the holiday part.


It's a seasonal wallpaper which means it's only in style about 30 days every year.
As with all live wallpapers, a little extra battery drain is expected.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a beautiful live wallpaper. It’s festive without being overly so and you can actually remove most of the Christmas elements. That means those who don’t celebrate the holidays can still enjoy a tranquil winter scene. Of course, you should try out the free version first and you can get it by clicking the button below!

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