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We asked ChatGPT to make an Android phone more Android, and more Android, and...

You can't handle all the Androids.

Published onDecember 1, 2023

dall e 3 android phone level 5 featured image
Dall-E 3

A recent ChatGPT and Dall-E 3 trend is making the social media rounds: “make it more…” You give the gAI an image or ask it to generate one, then you ask it to make it more cute, more spicy, more profitable, more complex — you name the attribute and Dall-E’s engines will up the ante over and over again until the original image reaches epic proportions.

We thought it’d be fun to test this with Android phones and see how Dall-E imagines the absolute-est most-est Android-est phone of all time. Here are the results, in increasing levels of Androidness.

1. A legit Android render, from the corner of my eye

dall e 3 android phone level uno
Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

Putting aside the two to three camera holes, the semi-lisible date, and the 13:89 timestamp, this looks like any generic Android phone render out there. If I saw it from the corner of my eye, I wouldn’t think twice about this being a stereotypical cheap Android phone. Even the Google search bar made it through, and all the icons are logical and realistic enough, especially the bottom row.

2. Of course there has to be a bugdroid wallpaper

dall e 3 android phone level dos
Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

You can’t be “more Android” without a bugdroid wallpaper, so this had to happen. With a boxier design, fewer icons, a teardrop notch, this phone has a distinct 2017-2018 vibe to it, but that wallpaper is giving me Gingerbread nostalgia for some reason. I don’t know what’s going on with all those speaker holes at the bottom, though.

3. These are all the Chromes you’re searching for

dall e 3 android phone level 3
Dall-E 3

Remember the good ol’ days of Android hiding the notch by using a black background for the notification bar? Oh and 3.5mm plugs with, uh, no other charging port? I doubt we’d achieve 18W charging speed with that! I do appreciate the mini bugdroid touch, though, and the double search bar. There definitely aren’t enough Chrome logos there.

4. The Bumblebugdroid

dall e 3 android phone level 4
Dall-E 3

Enter the “highly stylized” phase of Dall-E 3’s responses. From this point onward, the gAI is clear about its creative liberties and says as much. The phone itself is as realistic as can be: smooth edges, punch-hole camera, and a neat camera bump at the back; this is as close to a perfect Android phone render as you can get. When the most offputting part is the mix of squircle and round icons, you know you’re getting close.

But can we talk about that wallpaper? This is the possessed Bumblebee-bugdroid mash-up I didn’t know I needed. Now I just want to see that movie.

5. Andrew Bell’s Android figurines would be jealous

dall e 3 android phone level 5
Dall-E 3

Someone call Andrew Bell (of Dead Zebra fame) and tell him to make an Android Mini figurine like this one. I love the glowing green eyes just as much as the head and body detail, though there are way more feet than necessary. If Dbrand made a skin like this for phones, with a corresponding wallpaper, I’d buy it in an instant.

Just don’t ask me what’s going on with the double app labels on the top left or the five buttons on the right side. No one is looking at those when such an extraordinarily epic droid is taking center stage.

6. Y-R-Y-B-B-B-G sensors

dall e 3 android phone level 6
Dall-E 3

Dall-E heard “give me moaaaaaaar” and thought what’s moaaaaaaar than moaaaaaaar cameras? Well, obviously, all the cameras. We’re talking punch-hole and teardrop on the front, plus 12 sensors on the back. All the colors, all the sensors, and I’d like to think, all the zoom levels. Ultrawide, macro, 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 20x. There’s room for all of them here and moaaaaaaar.

The Baymax-inspired bugdroid wallpaper is fantastic too.

7. Dialing it down and up, simultaneously

dall e 3 android phone level 7
Dall-E 3

Back to a normal number of cameras on the back and two punch-holes on the front, with a gorgeous flashy green trim on the sides. Sadly, we don’t see fun phone colors like these anymore.

Dall-E called the design “ultra-futuristic,” I call it “what if the bugdroid went to a training camp managed by Vision, with Ultron and Megatron supervising various bot-improvement and bot-growth sessions.”

8. Guardians of the Galaxys

dall e 3 android phone level 8
Dall-E 3

This bugdroid is ready for war and he’s brought all his friends with him to fight the good fight. They’re flying all over the (Samsung) Galaxy ecosystem and colliding in an epic, world-ending good versus evil battle.

Droid-ness aside, I would not say no to a metallic phone with a green/blue shimmer from certain angles. I think it looks super cool. And yes, I’m just going to ignore the two Wi-Fi signals.

9. Welcome to the dark side

dall e 3 android phone level 9
Dall-E 3

A cute innocent bugdroid on the back hides the real terrifying darkness within this one. But don’t let the Corvus Glaive-slash-Surtur vibe of this droid-turned-villain distract you from the misaligned navigation buttons on the bottom. Once you see them…

Also, how did we go from so many gesture navigation renders back to icons? Maybe Dall-E took the “I bet you can make it more Android-y” command personally and thought, “Ha, more? I’ll give you more. Muahahahahahaha, now you have to use the back button again!”

10. 10:18,5 aspect ratio

dall e 3 android phone level 10
Dall-E 3

Did we ever see an Android phone with a 10:18,5 aspect ratio display? I doubt. And I doubt that happened in an era with small(ish) bezels and gesture navigation.

I’m afraid to ask what’s happening on the back of this one, because the front is, well, enough. Let’s skip past the Pacific Rim’ness of the wallpaper or the post-apocalyptic robot city invasion scene, and focus our attention on the four, yes, four, Chrome icons. Someone here needs Chrome stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary, on the same phone, maybe?

11. i-Android

dall e 3 android phone level 11
Dall-E 3

Welcome to the steampunk-i-Robot Android era. No more icons here — you don’t need them. If you want to droid, you should just droid, and case in point: you have an unread notification from the original bugdroid. I’d answer if I were you.

12. You’ve reached enlightenment, young Padawan

dall e 3 android phone level 12
Dall-E 3

I’ll let Dall-E describe this image itself. Behold, all this grandeur:

An ultra-fantasy, hyper-stylized Android smartphone concept on a white background. This design takes the Android theme to a breathtaking extreme, featuring an immense, ultra-thin display with essentially invisible bezels. The entire phone is immersed in a radiant neon green, adorned with highly intricate, science-fiction-inspired robot motifs and a monumental Android logo that spans the entire back. The screen is a dazzling array of animated, Android-themed artwork and enormously amplified Android app icons. The back is a magnificent showcase of the Android mascot in an artistic, theatrical style, making the phone’s Android identity overwhelmingly impressive and visually spectacular.

Sadly, there was no “more Android” after all these Androids. We reached maximum Android-ness. Even ChatGPT admitted it could not possibly Androidify this anymore. We did attempt to make Steve Jobs use it, as a final ditch, but that request failed miserably. I guess the notification icons were too practical for everyday use.

dall e 3 android phone no more
Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

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