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How to charge your PS5 controller

Keep your DualSense juiced and ready to go for any game.
December 12, 2022

There’s nothing worse than having your controller die in the middle of an intense game. Don’t let a low battery be the reason you lose a boss fight or a multiplayer match. Here’s how to charge your PS5 controller to keep you in the game.

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To charge a PS5 controller, use a USB-C to USB-A cable to connect your controller to your PS5, or another device plugged into a power outlet. Once connected, the light bar will pulse orange to indicate charging is underway.


How to charge the PS5 controller

There are two ways to charge your DualSense controller. The first involves using the USB cable that comes with the PS5 console. Connect the cord from the back of the controller to the USB port on the front of your PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Top with Triggers USB C Port
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Unfortunately, if you buy a DualSense controller and do not own a PS5, the controller doesn’t come with a charging cable. But you can buy a USB-C to USB-A cable from Amazon for $7.50. Use the cable to connect the controller to any device connected to a power outlet, and it will charge.

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The second method is to use a charging dock. This is an excellent option if you have more than one DualSense controller since the PlayStation console only has one USB port on its front. Sony’s DualSense charging station is only $30, and it’s styled to match the white plates of your PS5 console. Best of all, you won’t need any cables. The controllers sit on top of the dock with a click-in design, leaving them to charge at your convenience.

PS5 charging station
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How long does it take to charge a PS5 controller?

Whether you use a USB cable or a charging dock, the DualSense controller takes approximately three hours to charge a depleted battery fully. If you’re using the USB cable provided with your PS5 console, you can continue playing games while the controller is charging, although it may take longer. If you’re using a docking station with two controllers, you can always have one on standby, fully charged, and ready to go when needed.

Why won’t my PS5 controller charge or turn on?

You can try these troubleshooting tips if your DualSense controller isn’t charging or turning on correctly.

  • Try a different USB cable. If another cable works, it was a problem with the original cable. Otherwise, there may be a problem with the USB port.
  • Check if the USB port is blocked. Take a flashlight to the USB port on your PS5 to see if anything has gotten stuck there. Use a brush or compressed air to remove any blockage gently.
  • Try using a charging station. If you own a charging dock, try to charge the PS5 controller on that, as cables can easily break down.
  • Make sure that the controller firmware is up to date. Firmware updates will appear when you turn on the console. If a firmware update has been interrupted or corrupted, the controller may fail to charge correctly in the future.
  • Check if the controller only works when plugged in. If it doesn’t work wirelessly, that’s an indication of battery problems, and there could be an issue with its ability to hold a charge rather than the cable.
  • Reset the controller. Using a small tool, such as a pin, push the small reset button on the back of the controller and wait 3—5 seconds.
  • Contact PlayStation customer support. If your controller is still under warranty, they may be able to help you get it fixed.

Why does my Ps5 controller only charge when plugged into the console?

ps5 with dualsense controller
Sarah Chaney / Android Authority

You might have tried to charge your DualSense controller using a device other than your PS5 console, only to find that the battery levels have stayed the same. That’s because, in a recent software update, Sony has made it so that only brand-approved devices, such as the PS5, will charge the controller. This involved changing the PS5’s charging system to active instead of passive, meaning they now rely on the device they are plugged into to detect them and send them power.

Passive charging systems, such as those found in smartphones, have their own voltage regulators to control their charging rate and can detect when they are plugged in themselves and start receiving power. However, some users have reported they can still charge their DualSense controller from a wall outlet with certain power adapters, so you may still be able to do so with some experimentation.

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Yes, you can use a wall charger with a USB cable to charge your DualSense controller.

Yes, the PS5 console will charge any connected controllers or devices while in rest mode.

Yes, if you have turned off the PS5 controller and plugged it in, it will charge.