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How to change the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band

Keeping your smartphone's time in shape is the key.
November 23, 2022

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are great for monitoring your health, but there’s a good chance they’re replacing your actual watch. With that considered, it’s important that the time displayed on your wearable is always accurate. Unlike an analog watch, adjusting the time is a little more tricky on smart wearables. This is also the case with the Xiaomi Mi Band series.


There's no way to change the time on the Mi Band directly. You'll need to ensure that the time on your paired smartphone is correct.


Can you change the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band?

As we’ve hinted in the introduction, changing the time on the Xiaomi Mi Band series is a little more difficult than an analog watch. There’s no option on any of the Mi Band models to adjust the time. Instead, the Mi Band line takes the time from the smartphone it’s paired to. In this sense, it’s important to make sure that your smartphone’s time is accurate. If your handset’s displaying the right time, your Mi Band will too.

The process for changing the time differs across major smartphone brands, however, most skins now allow users to search for specific settings within the Settings page. We recommend you search for “clock” to find the corresponding menu on your phone. You can then adjust the time from there.

Time display issues

xiaomi mi band 6 review display watch face on wrist
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Xiaomi Mi Band 6

If the time on your smartphone is correct but your Mi Band is still displaying incorrect information, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can perform to rectify it.

  • Firstly, try restarting your Mi Band.
    • Open the Settings app or More menu on your Mi Band, then select System > Restart or Reboot.
    • When the device is rebooted, open Mi Fitness or Zepp Life and resync the band. This should fix any time display discrepancies.
  • If this doesn’t work, try switching off Bluetooth on your phone for a moment. This will disconnect the Mi Band from your phone. After a minute or two, reactivate Bluetooth. When the Mi Band re-pairs, it should display the correct time.

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You can change your watch face from a digital option to an analog alternative by pressing and holding the clock face and selecting a new clock.