Capcom has been around for a long time, carrying a portfolio of titles that shaped many of our lives. Among these are 4 games slated to make it to mobile very soon. One of them has just shown up at the Google Play Store – 1942 MOBILE.

It is 1942 (duh) and World War II is going full speed. So is the airplane you will be using to destroy the enemy fleet. Shoot down enemy fighters, sink ships and avoid fire in this scrolling shooter.

Al in all, this is mostly a direct port from the original game, but it does have some mobile enhancements. There are two modes: casual and classic. The former will make the experience easier, while the classic mode will adhere to original standards. There’s also one-finger touchscreen controls. And of course, we can’t forget those leaderboards and achievements to add a competitive edge.

Remembering the good ol’ days does come with a price, though. Thankfully, it is a low one. 1942 MOBILE goes for $0.99, but is sure to grant many hours of entertainment. Are you signing up?

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