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Brexit may cause OnePlus 3 price hike

With the pound taking a pounding, OnePlus may have to increase the price of the OnePlus 3 in Europe sometime in the near future to stay profitable.

Published onJune 29, 2016


The situation in Europe is still developing surrounding the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. Politics aside, there’s one thing that’s for sure, and that’s that Brexit has caused a high level of uncertainty in a number of markets. The smartphone industry has not been left unscathed, and in anticipation of a future price hike, OnePlus is making its fans aware that they may have to increase their OnePlus 3 prices in the UK to stay profitable.

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This looming price hike isn’t guaranteed, but the company is advising any prospective buyers that it might be a good idea to purchase sooner rather than later. It should be noted that OnePlus seems very hesitant to increase the price on their most successful device. The only other time the company has ever had to do something similar was in early 2015, when the Euro dropped to the lowest it had been in nine years compared to the US dollar.

“Currency fluctuations are not your fault, nor our fault,” writes the company’s head of marketing in Europe David Sanmartin, “but if we sell at a loss, the simple fact is that there won’t be a OnePlus in the future.” This certainly seems to be the case. Regardless of manufacturer, profit margins on smartphones are notoriously thin, and the global cooldown of the smartphone market had a lot of phone makers nervous before a hint of Brexit was even in the air.

Currency fluctuations are not your fault, nor our fault.

What are your thoughts regarding the possibility that we might see a OnePlus 3 price jump in Europe in the near future? If you were on the fence about buying one, does this make you consider going ahead and making the move? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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