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Brawl Stars update: Buffs for Bull, Piper, Spike, nerfs for Darryl, Frank, Rico

Fresh balance changes hit Supercell's Brawl Stars.

Published onNovember 7, 2019

Brawl Stars artwork - updates, patch notes, brawler changes

Welcome to our Brawl Stars update hub! We’ll be collecting all of the official balance changes and updates for Brawl Stars as they’re released by Finnish giant Supercell.

If you can’t get enough Brawl Stars, be sure to bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on the latest buffs, nerfs, new game modes, and new brawlers added to the game. Below you’ll find the most recent update, followed by a list of new brawlers as they’re released. Previous Brawl Stars updates can be found at the end of the page.

Brawl Stars update: The latest

Brawl Stars November update overview

Release date: TBC

Supercell has laid out some balance changes that are set to hit Brawl Stars following a short round of maintenance. The changes include some fairly significant nerfs to Bull, Piper, and Spike, as well as buffs for Darryl, Frank, and Rico.

Here are the changes in full:


  • Increased Health from 4600 to 4800
  • Increased Main Attack damage from 280 to 300 per shell


  • Increased Health from 5800 to 6100


  • Increased Health from 2400 to 2600


  • Decreased Health from 5200 to 4900


  • Decreased Main Attack damage at max range from 1600 to 1520


  • Decreased Curveball Angle from 100 to 50
  • Decreased Curveball Distance from 200 to 100

New Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Brawl stars update new brawlers

Like new troops in Clash of Clans and new cards in Clash Royale, Supercell releases new brawlers in Brawl Stars from time to time. Below you’ll find all of the new brawlers released since the game’s global release in reverse chronological order.

New Brawler — Emz

Brawl Stars update EMZ

Release date: October 23, 2019

Emz attacks with blasts of hair spray that deal damage over time, and slows down opponents with her Super.

  • New Brawler released in the October Brawl-o-ween update.
  • Mortis is her uncle.
  • Unlockable at 8000 trophies.

Main attack – Spray

  • Emz gives you a blast of her hair spray! It’s strong enough to melt your face.

Super – Caustic Charisma

  • Emz creates a cloud of toxicity around her, slowing down the movement of enemies and damaging them.

New Brawler — Sandy

New Brawler Brawl Stars Sandy

Release date: September 18, 2019

Sandy is a sleep-deprived Brawler with powerful control over sand: casting sharp pebbles at enemies and summoning a sandstorm to hide enemies.

  • New legendary Brawler released with the September update.
  • Unlockable by opening Brawl Boxes.

Main attack – Pebble Blast

  • Sandy pelts enemies with sharp, piercing pebbles. Ouch!

Super – Sandstorm

  • Sandy summons a sandstorm that lasts for 12 seconds and hides friendly Brawlers inside it.

New Brawler — 8-BIT

Brawl Stars New Character 8 BIT

Release date: August 26, 2019

8-BIT is a little arcade machine that shoots lasers! Though he is officially the slowest character on the roster, he’s quite powerful and tanky.

  • New Brawler released with the August update.
  • Unlockable upon reaching 6000 trophies, which replaces Mega Box.
  • Players who have already passed the 6000 Trophy mark on the Trophy Road will automatically unlock 8-BIT.

Main attack – Blaster Beams

  • 8-BIT fires a burst of lasers.

Super – Damage Booster

  • 8-BIT deploys a structure that boosts all teammates damage by 30% (both Main and Super attack) in its area of effect.

New Brawler — Tick

Brawl Stars New Brawler Tick

Release date: June 26, 2019

Tick is a metal ball of barely controlled excitement and energy — explosive energy! He throws mines, and his Super makes his head detach, seek a target and explode.

  • New Brawler released with the Summer update.
  • Unlockable upon reaching 4000 trophies.

Main attack – Minimines

  • Tick throws three mines that explode on contact, or after a few seconds.

Super – Headfirst

  • Tick’s head detaches and seeks the nearest target.
  • The head can be destroyed before making contact, negating any damage.

Brawl Stars Update History

Brawl Stars October update overview

Release date: October 23, 2019

Brawl-o-ween has begun! The special Halloween event adds five limited time Brawler skins, plus a new game mode called Graveyard Shift that bears a striking resemblance to the old Life Leech mode. Plus, the Mortis Mortuary map theme has been applied to a number of game modes, so keep an eye out for festive decorations while brawling!

The Brawl Stars October update also adds a new social-media-ite Brawler: Emz. She’s Mortis’ niece, and shoots a toxic cloud of hair spray at opponents in the arena. Her super damages and slows enemies in a wide area around her. She can be unlocked for free at 8000 trophies.

Another major addition this patch is Power Play, which is a new way to play Brawl Stars competitively. Only maxed Brawlers with a Star Power can participate, and rewards are distributed at the end of each 14-day season. You can only play three matches a day, so make sure you’re at the top of your game before stepping into the arena. The first season kicks off on October 29th.

To see a full list of new content and balance changes this patch, check the in-game news section or read the official Reddit post. Happy brawling!

Brawl Stars September Update overview

Release date: September 18, 2019

The September Brawl Stars update is here, and it brings with it a new legendary Brawler, two new game modes, and a plethora of new skins and visual reworks. The two new game modes are Lone Star, a kind of free-for-all Bounty, and Takedown, another free-for-all mode where the one to do the most damage to a boss robot wins.

Sandy is the latest Brawler to join the crew, and his main attack throws sand that can pierce through enemies. His super is similar to Leon’s, but instead all allies inside a wide area are hidden. With his star powers, enemies inside take damage, too!

On the visual side, El Primo has been completely revamped, including his skins. Skins for several other Brawlers have also been adjusted, and new portraits for Piper, Bo, and El Primo have been added.

Read more about the new Brawler below, and check out the full patch notes on the official Reddit post!

Brawl Stars August update overview

Release date: August 26, 2019.

After a long, robot-filled summer, the latest Brawl Stars update is finally here, and it brings with it tons of new content. First off, there’s a new Brawler called 8-BIT! He is a tank that shoots lasers, gives himself and his teammates a damage boost, and rises back from the dead! He’s available for free, but you’ll need to get to 6,000 trophies to unlock him.

The game is also receiving some major visual updates. Several characters, including 8-BIT, are getting new skins, while others are receiving reworked designs and animations.

Several maps will experience some gameplay updates. Brawl Ball is now the only mode played in slot 3; Bounty, Heist, and Siege are now rotating in slot 4; Gem Grab sees Royal Flush added; and much more!

The Brawl Stars development team also heard everyone’s feedback about not receiving enough Star Points. To address this, they have added more achievable ranks so players can then earn more Star Points.

Also, be prepared for the Showdown Moon Festival that will be kicking off in early September. There will be special graphics for the Showdown Box and Power Cube during this event.

Lastly, the Brawl Stars team recently announced the Brawl Stars World Championship! Teams of three from anywhere in the world can apply to enter into the open qualifiers. Qualifier winners will go onto the regional finals and eight winning teams will qualify for the World Finals in South Korea this November to compete for a piece of the $250,000 prize pool!

Read about the New Brawler 8-BIT above, or check out the full patch notes in the official Brawl Stars Reddit post!

That’s all for our Brawl Stars update hub! Be sure to bookmark this article, as we’ll update it over the next few weeks and months with the latest releases! Happy brawling!