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You told us: Blue light filter modes remain overwhelmingly popular on phones

However, readers in the comments were mostly against tinting their screens.

Published onJuly 13, 2021

blue light filter eye comfort mode
Andy Walker / Android Authority

Blue light filter modes have become a fixture on Android devices through third-party apps or built-in OEM solutions.

The modes, which tint displays with warmer shades, are claimed to reduce eye fatigue and improve sleep quality. For those who don’t have a dark mode, it also makes shades of white easier to look at, especially in darker environments. However, these filters also skew color production on displays, which is particularly annoying for series bingers. Their claimed health benefits are also debatable.

Nevertheless, in a recent poll, we asked you if you employ a blue light filter mode on your smartphone. Here’s how you answered.

Do you use the blue light filter mode on your smartphone?


We gained just short of 6,000 responses on this surprisingly divisive poll, with most users (48.8%) claiming to use the mode “at night or on a schedule.” The other two options almost split the remaining votes down the middle. Around 25.5% of voters “leave it on all day,” but 25.7% don’t use blue light filters at all.

Overall, the results suggest that nearly three in four respondents employ their smartphone’s blue light filter mode at some point during the day.

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Blue light filter modes are usually a set-it-and-forget-it option on smartphones. Chances are, if you’ve become accustomed to your smartphone’s standard colors, tweaking it with a blue light filter mode isn’t necessary. However, based on the majority voting for a scheduled arrangement, some users believe the modes add value to their experience.

Despite most users employing blue light filter modes, most comments don’t see the benefit of blue light filters. Peruse some readers’ views below.

Your comments

  • Eric Pearson: Studies have shown it to be ineffective. Just put your phone away before bed.
  • Darren Kinnersley: When dark theme arrived I haven’t seen any point in using the blue light filter, I have dark theme on 24/7 so I see no need for the filter any more.
  • Peter Mulders: It looks bad and it doesn’t help. So no.
  • EasyCare: Tried using it but it doesn’t work. Does not improve eye strain or sleep. Not worth the color inaccuracies on the display. Just take a break from looking at screens.
  • JaneLee Keller: Have it — Don’t use it.
  • Montisaquadeis: I have been using f.lux on PC for years and was using Twilight before the filter became standard on android devices so yes I only use it at night or on the sunset to sunrise schedule
  • QuillPen: I use it at night. Regardless of what some say, it’s much easier on your eyes when you’re dozing off, or have to look at the screen for whatever reason after having just woke up.
  • frank zamora: I even use the other feature that puts my phone in gray.

That’s it for this poll. Thanks for your votes and comments. If you have any thoughts about the poll results or blue light filters in general, drop your comments below.

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