One of the most popular PC fantasy massively multiplayer games at the moment is Black Desert Online, thanks in part to its great looking graphics engine, its solid combat features, and its deep character generation options. Now the developer of that game, South Korea-based Pearl Abyss, has quietly posted the first teaser trailer for the upcoming smartphone version called Black Desert Mobile. Based on this brief look, it has the potential to be as big of a hit on phones as it currently is for PC players.

The 30-second trailer shows off some actual gameplay from Black Desert Mobile, as player characters battle all sorts of creatures in the game’s top-down isometric viewpoint, with some impressive visual effects for those encounters. In addition to battles, the trailer also shows off a few other aspects of the game, including characters riding mounts, fishing, and what appears to be hints of crafting and trading items.

In case you are not familiar with Black Desert Online, it was first launched in South Korea in 2014, after several years of development, as a free-to-play game. In 2016, it finally launched in North America and Europe, using a more traditional pay-to-play business model. A year after in launched in those territories, the game’s publisher Kakao stated that it has 3.4 million registered players in just those markets. The game will be released for the Xbox One console sometime in early 2018.

There’s very little information about Black Desert Mobile at the moment, with the YouTube channel stating only that it will include features like siege and boss battles. There’s no word yet on when the game will be released. In the meantime, what is your opinion after seeing this brief glimpse into the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!