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BitBite wearable device tracks your eating habits and tells you to chew slower

This new Indiegogo campaign looks to use wearable technology to help you track your eating habits. BitBite will be your personal eating coach, complete with reminders to slow down and chew your food proper.

Published onNovember 19, 2014

The folks behind the new BitBite are a crew of health pros and advocates that are putting wearable technology to work to help you track your eating habits. Simply slip in this single earbud type device, enjoy your meal and check in later to see how well your nutritional needs are being met.

The main objective of BitBite is to help you eat smarter. We’re not talking so much about reaching for carrot sticks instead of chocolate bars here, although it does that too, the focus of BitBite is tracking how and when you eat.

Not only does BitBite look to provide analysis of your food consumption habits, including how fast you chew, how many times you chew each bite and at what times of the day you consume, the device also has a built-in speaker that can give you real-time feedback, just like mom used to do when you were eating ‘wrong.’

BitBite device overview

In terms of the hardware, BitBite is about the size of a larger earbud and designed to not block outside noise. Is has no cables, encloses a battery, mic and speaker, and uses touch contact charging ‘pods’ that connect to a USB powered adapter. Tracking your eating habits is handled through analysis of sound, tracking patterns of jaw movement and that wonderful crunch of most foods.

When not eating, BitBite will operate as a standard Bluetooth headset, or store away in a handy clip or wristband.

BitBite Clip Wristband Charger

In terms of software, Android and iOS apps mediate between your BitBite device and BitBite Cloud, which is the servers that crunch all your data. You can even speak out loud to tell BitBite what you are eating, to better your nutrition feedback. Eventually, BitBite can make recommendations on your food intake, and remind you to have some yogurt.

At the time of writing, BitBite was a little over two thirds funded of their $60,000.00 goal. If you would like to help them reach that goal, there is 22 days left in their Indiegogo campaign, ending December 11th, 2014.

Would a food specific conscience in your ear help you eat better, or would BitBite get left in a drawer somewhere?

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