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Motorola Hint isn't just a bluetooth headset, it's a smart voice-powered device

Motorola's Hint is a new 'smart' bluetooth headset that brings the power of voice control to your ear.
September 5, 2014

Late last night, Motorola unveiled the new Moto X, the new Moto G and fully announced its plans for the Moto 360. That’s not all, they also took the wraps off a little bluetooth headset, called the Hint.

While there seems to be a bit of stigma associated with bluetooth headsets, Motorola is hoping to change this perception with its extremely tiny Hint. The Hint is so small it basically is only held in by your ear, but thanks to exceptional design, it actually is said to fit in there securely and comfortably.

Of course, Bluetooth headsets are boring so Motorola had to shake things up a bit more than that. The device is very smart, automatically speaking to you and asking you to sync with your phone. It also works with voice commands which it will then relay to your smartphone. There’s even the ability to provide you voice notifications, weather details and so much more.

The device is at its smartest when paired with the new Moto X, as you can access to all the phone’s voice-powered goodies but it also work with the new Moto G, last-gen Moto X and Moto G, and any Android powered device — though the smart features will obviously be limited on such handsets.

The Moto Hint is expected to arrive in six colors later this fall for a price of $149.99. You can learn a bit more about the Hint by heading on over to Motorola’s website.What do you think of Moto’s attempt to make the Bluetooth headset a bit more acceptable again? Like it or not?