While some hardware features like expandable storage and a removable battery are no longer available, Samsung’s latest flagship did add something new in the form of wireless charging capabilities — built-in this time around, and not requiring additional receivers like previous generations. The best part is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is compliant with both the Qi and PMA standards, which means that you don’t have to worry about which type of charger you choose, or may already have. That said, if you are in the market for a new wireless charger to use with the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, here is a roundup of some of the best options out there!

Samsung Wireless Charger for the Galaxy S6

samsung galaxy s6 wireless charger 1

The latest wireless charger from Samsung is an official accessory of the Galaxy S6, and is very easy to setup and use. This sleek charger leaves a small footprint, requiring minimal space. Properly aligning the device on the charging pad is needed though, and the built-in LED indicator light will alert you if the device is not properly aligned and when a good charge alignment is acquired (LED lights up blue). If using with the Galaxy S6, it will also alert you when your device is fully charged (LED lights up green). The charger also comes with over-charging protection.

Of course, this charger is also compatible with any other smartphone that comes with Qi wireless charging capabilities. While officially priced at the $69.99, the Samsung Wireless Charger is available on Amazon for $49.99, with color options including black sapphire and white pearl.



The TYLT Vu may be one of the more expensive options available, but could be well worth the price for some, with it serving a dual purpose of being a wireless charger as well as a desktop cradle. The cradle sits at an angle that makes it comfortable for media consumption while the device is charging. It’s made with a soft touch rubber at the top, with a sturdy plastic frame for support. It boasts a minimalistic design, but does come with an LED light to show whether the phone is charging or not. It uses a proprietary power cable, that tucks into the bottom of the charger, and remains out of sight when the cradle is kept on your desk, adding to its sleek look. The TYLT Vu is available in multiple color choices, including black, green, red, and blue, with a price point starting at $58.99.

TechMatte Wireless Charger

galaxy s6 wireless charger techmatte

The TechMatte Wireless Charger is durable, compact, and lightweight, with a sleek design, and comes with an LED light to indicate charging status. The charger also offers an energy efficient idle mode that helps protect your device from overcharging. Unlike some other chargers on this list, an AC adapter is also available with this product. While this charger will work with protective cases, those with a thickness of more than 5 mm may result in a reduced performance. The TechMatte Wireless Charger is available for $23.99.

Anker Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Pad

galaxy s6 wireless charger anker

The Anker Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Pad holds true to its name and is about the same size and thickness of a coffee cup coaster. Proper alignment is required, and a LED light indicates charging status. This charger also comes with a power efficient idle mode to prevent overcharging your device. Charging devices with a case on is possible, but like most other chargers, will see a reduction in performance if the case is thicker than 5 mm. The Anker Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Pad is available for $25.99.

2-in-1 RAVPower Portable Wireless Charger


The RAVPower Portable Qi Wireless Charger is a wireless charger with an in-built battery extension pack with a 4,800 mAh unit, which is perfect for when you’re on the move. The charger is comparatively larger than most, and comes with a soft touch rubber finish, with a power button design on the center to indicate where the charging chip is located. There is an handy LED indicator to show how much of the battery life is left, and another to show when the device is charging. To make full use of the battery pack, there is also an additional USB port to charge any non qi-compliant devices you may have. This wireless charger is available in black or white, and is priced at $44.99.

Qifull Wireless Car Charging Dock

galaxy s6 wireless charger qifull

The Qifull Wireless Car Charging Dock comes with both a suction cup mount and an air vent bracket, and adapts both portrait and landscape orientation. It comes with a button on the back to adjust the width of the charger holder dock. 3 transmitting coils works together to fully cover the wireless charger for full direction transmission. Built-in strong automatic protective IC gives high efficiency and safety while charging, and a LED light to shows the charging condition, with the color changing from blue to green to show when the device is fully charged. The Qifull Wireless Car Charging Dock is available for $44.80.

CHOETECH Qi Pocket Wireless Car Charger

galaxy s6 wireless charger choetech

The CHOETECH Qi Pocket Wireless Charger is a stylish wireless car charging solution, with it featuring a stylish faux leather pocket where the device can be placed to charge wirelessly. This charger also comes with a three coil solution, and a metal hook on the back makes it easy to connect to both horizontal and vertical air vents. Of course, with this product, you will not be able to use your device as you would with any other car mount. The CHOETECH Qi Pocket Wireless Car Charger is available for $39.99.

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