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16 best VR games for most VR headsets

You can get in on VR gaming action with the best VR games for Oculus, HTCVive, Valve Index, and more. Check them out here!

Published onMay 14, 2022

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Adam Sinicki / Android Authority

Virtual reality gaming keeps growing as Valve and Oculus launch new headsets with more power than ever. Mobile VR hasn’t been quite as lucky, as Google Daydream and Google Cardboard have faded from view. Luckily for those who chose an HTCVive or PS VR, there are plenty of exciting titles to try out. Here are the best VR games you can play on most VR platforms.

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This list was originally divided by platform, with the Oculus store taking center stage. Now, many titles are available across different marketplaces, so we’ll be sure to note the supported headsets each time.

The best VR games for most headsets

Half-Life: Alyx

Price: $59.99

Supported platforms: Valve Index, HTCVive, Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality

After more than a decade, Valve finally brought us back to the Half-Life universe, but not in the way that most people expected. In Half-Life: Alyx, you take on the role of Alyx Vance as she explores City 17. You may not overlap with Gordon’s classic tale, but the shootouts, puzzles, and interactions bring you further into the story than ever before. You do lose out on some of the sandbox physics and Boneworks technology of the classic Half-Life titles, but this is all about the experience and the hours of gameplay to enjoy. Unfortunately, the $59.99 price tag is one of the highest on our list, so keep that in mind before you buy.

Minecraft VR

Price: Starter collection is $29.99 with a free VR upgrade

Supported platforms: Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality, PS VR

Everyone has heard of Minecraft, but you can strap on your headset and get into the action this time. You can still mine, build, farm, fish, and do all of the other fun little activities you normally can. The VR aspect doesn’t change the game that much. It’s the same old Minecraft you already know and love. The only real difference is being able to look around in virtual reality instead of with a joystick. It does support 3D audio, though, and we thought that was pretty cool. This is also kid-friendly. You can expect to pay $29.99 for the PC version of Minecraft, but VR support comes as a free upgrade.

Pistol Whip

Price: $29.99

Platforms supported: Valve Index, Oculus, HTCVive, Windows Mixed Reality, PS VR

Pistol Whip is a neon-tinted shooter that’s just about guaranteed to put you into a trance. You can fly through the different maps and eliminate the bad guys to the beat of an intense soundtrack. It’s something of a cross between Beat Saber and the John Wick series — which we have no problem getting on board with. Pistol Whip may not be the most kid-friendly title out there, but it’s a great way to feel like your own action hero. It will also set you back $29.99, but there’s plenty of DLC to keep you in the action.

Superhot VR

Price: $24.99

Platforms supported: Valve Index, Oculus, HTCVive, Windows Mixed Reality, PS VR

Superhot VR and Pistol Whip go hand in hand as two of the most enjoyable VR games, no matter your platform. It’s yet another action-packed title that prizes smooth gameplay all around you. If you’ve ever played Superhot before, you know that the world only progresses as you do, which brings a completely new twist to VR. Any time you duck or reposition to avoid a throwing star, the star keeps coming right for you. Feeling yourself toss a weapon from one hand to the other and bash the bad guys brings a sense of satisfaction that’s tough to replicate.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Price: $39.99

Platforms supported: Valve Index, HTCVive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, PS VR

Flight simulators are great when you can get behind the sticks of a commercial jet, but why not reach a little higher? Star Wars: Squadrons puts you in the action of a galaxy far, far away, fighting for glory in X-Wings, TIE Fighters, and more. If you want to duke it out in online multiplayer, the skies are yours. Those of you who prefer a campaign will be just as satisfied. The detailed cockpits and immersive flight experience will have you reliving your childhood dreams for hours on end. There are plenty of other Star Wars titles out there, but Squadrons offers the most unique experience.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Price: $39.99

Platforms supported: Valve Index, Oculus, HTCVive, Windows Mixed Reality, PS VR

Some seasons of The Walking Dead have been known to crawl along slowly, but this VR game is a zombie of a different color. It sets you right in the heart of New Orleans in the middle of the zombie apocalypse that we’ve come to know and love. Saints & Sinners uses physics-based combat to keep you locked in, as every hack and slash requires real effort. You can branch out beyond the expected wave-based survival mode and battle your way through an impressive campaign. Don’t worry, it’s not just you and the zombies in this VR game — there are plenty of human baddies to worry about.

Beat Saber

Price: $29.99

Platforms supported: Valve Index, HTCVive, Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality, PS VR

If you’ve ever wanted to cross Guitar Hero and Fruit Ninja, this is your chance. Beat Saber is a VR classic, and it offers just about everything you could ask for. The idea is simple — hack and slash your way through colored notes in time with the beat. In reality, you’ll quickly find that you’re dancing along to the music as you go all out trying to beat your highest scores. For those of you who can’t dance, the VR headset doesn’t show the rest of your limbs, so feel free to let loose.

Job Simulator

Price: $19.99

Platforms supported: Valve Index, HTCVive, Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality, PS VR

There might be days where you feel like you can never escape work, but Job Simulator makes a day at the office that much more fun. No, you won’t get any real work done, but you can try your hand at several professions to hilarious results. You can run everything from a convenience store to an automotive garage, and your own two hands run the show. Your coworkers are a series of classic monitors, but don’t let them push you around as you fling coffee mugs and staplers around the room.

Skyrim VR

Price: $59.99

Platforms supported: Valve Index, HTCVive, Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality, PS VR

In the words of House Greyjoy, what is dead may never die. At least, that’s starting to seem like Bethesda’s approach when it comes to Skyrim. It’s almost become a meme at this point with how many new platforms have received support for the title, but VR is a more exciting edition than most. You can relive the scenes you remember from a decade ago when the title first launched, from learning your first shout to slaying a dragon. If the base Skyrim campaign isn’t enough action for you, the game also comes with the Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn add-ons.

Rec Room

Price: Free

Platforms supported: Valve Index, HTCVive, Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality

There aren’t many free VR games on our list, but that’s part of what makes Rec Room shine. It’s a great way to get comfortable with your new headset, and you can hop into a number of games with friends around the world. Once you’re feeling up to speed, you can create games of your own that you can share with anyone you please. Even better, Rec Room works cross-platform, so you can link up with friends no matter which headset they prefer.

Arizona Sunshine

Price: $39.99 + DLCs

Platforms supported: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, and PS VR

VR is great for experiencing events you’re unlikely to face in real world, and with Arizona Sunshine, it’s a zombie apocalypse. You can shoot, snipe, and blast your way through swarms of the undead as they crawl closer to your face in VR. It also lets you co-op with three other players. This one is not for the kids, coming with a mature rating thanks to the violence, blood, and gore. But for adults that want to experience a zombie slasher, this one will be a load of fun. 


Price: $29.99

Platforms supported: Valve Index, HTCVive, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, PS VR

Moss is an action-adventure puzzle game that lets you play from the perspective of a mouse. It’s a rather simple concept, but amazingly well-put in VR. You have to play as the mouse Quill, going through exploration and combat to save Quill’s uncle. It’s an underdog adventure, and great for kids and adults alike. There’s no multiplayer here, but the story is well worth the price.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

Price: $29.99

Platforms supported: PS VR, Oculus Meta Quest, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Valve Index, Vive Cosmos, HTCVive, Windows Mixed Reality headsets

The Room has been a popular mobile game series, and with this version, it takes a massive leap into VR. It’s a great implementation too, given the mystery genre of the franchise. The Room VR puts you in the shoes of a detective trying to solve a missing person case with the help of a bunch of clues. The Room has matured well from mobile to VR, and you’re bound to have a good time with this puzzler.

Tetris Effect: Connected

Price: $39.99

Platforms supported: Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTCVive, PS VR, Windows Mixed Reality

Tetris needs no introduction, but Tetris Effect: Connected is a solid extension of the game we’ve all played and loved. VR is optional here, but it’s a great way to play the game. You get 30+ stages with 10+ modes each, and you can play 1v1 or 3-way co-op with cross-play, making this reinvented classic a must-play VR title. It also has that “trippy” aesthetic that you would expect from a classic gone VR and makes for a fun time no matter which mode you choose to play.

Walkabout Mini Golf

Price: $14.99 + DLCs

Platforms supported: Oculus Quest, Valve Index, HTCVive, Oculus Rift/Rift S, Windows Mixed Reality

Sports games are great for VR, but sports games with a twist are even better. Walkabout Mini Golf is a fun take on mini-golf for VR, letting you play the sport in a bunch of different and fun locations. The physics are still realistic, though, so there are no compromises. You can also challenge up to five other players in a private game, play solo, or go 1v1. There’s also cross-play, so you can co-op regardless of which platform your friends are playing on. 

Batman: Arkham VR

Price: $19.99

Platforms supported: PS VR, Valve Index, HTCVive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality

This one is on our list because it’s the closest you can get to being Batman. Batman: Arkham VR bookends the fantastic Batman: Arkham series, and is a must-play if you like the series. It’s set before the events of Arkham Knight. The only issue is that it’s a rather short campaign, and more importantly, there’s no combat. Arkham VR is a puzzle-driven game instead, and you get to experience the more detective side of Batman with this one.

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