Pet animals are a big part of our lives. Some people treat them as friends, while others treat them as family. Pets can also teach us how to become responsible. Parents give their kids pets so the kids can learn how to become responsible and how to take care of others. Pets can also be great stress relievers.

When my body is full of stress and my mind drained of creative juice, I go and play with my pet hamster to lighten my load and bring a smile to my face. I’m also thinking of buying a new dog or putting a big aquarium right in our living room.

Unfortunately, just like me, time and resources may not allow you to have a new pet. But, with the help of virtual pet apps, you can experience taking care of pets right on your Android devices.

If you can’t have your own pet for whatever reason, check out our list of the best virtual pet apps and take care of your own virtual pet right on your Android device.

Furdiburb – Beta

Oh no! Furdiburb was left by his alien parents as they were touring Earth. Luckily, the baby egg fell in your backyard. Take care of Furdiburb and grow a cute alien right on your Android device with the Furdiburb – Beta app.

Basically, the app will make you Furdiburb’s surrogate parent. Opening the app for the first time will require you to hatch Furdiburb from his egg. You can break the egg by dropping it on the ground. You can also let a chicken sit on the egg in order to warm it, strike it with a lighting bolt, or blow a whirlwind at it. Once the egg hatches, that’s where the fun starts.

With Furdiburb set free, you now have a virtual pet right on your Android device. You will need to take care of Furdiburb and keep your pet happy by feeding him the right stuff and keeping the place clean.

You can also travel to the mini world of Furdiburb and accomplish tasks with your pet. You can buy new items, maintain your crops, interact with your friends, and a lot more. You can even take a picture of your pet and share it with your friends on Facebook.

Download the Furdiburb – Beta app and grow your little alien pet right on your Android device.

Drago Pet

Dragons are mythical creatures. They were feared by people in fictional stories and gave power to the great wizard Merlin. If you want to raise these mythical fire-breathing creatures, install the app Drago Pet on your Android device.

Just like in most other virtual pet apps, you start off with a dragon egg. You will need to keep the egg warm by using the heater and keep the egg cool by using a fan. You can also find a bar gauge that will indicate when the egg hatches.

When it hatches, you have yourself a cute little 3D dragon right on your Android device. You will need to take care of it. Feed the dragon with the right stuff and keep its den neat and tidy.

You can also play with your pet dragon and entertain it. You can even discipline your pet using a whip. The app also works like a real tamagotchi. Even when you close the app, your little dragon will buzz you with notifications when it needs your help. 

Become a virtual dragon tamer with Drago Pet on your Android device.

Aqua Pets

When visiting a shopping mall, I always find the time to visit the pet shop and look at the cute animals; the cute little puppies sleeping in their cages, and the little hamster running on the spinning wheel. I’m also attracted to the colorful fishes, swimming gracefully inside the fish tank. If you’re into fishes and aquatic creatures, you can grow a variety of aquatic creatures right on your Android device with the Aqua Pets app.

The app transforms your Android device into a mini virtual fish tank. You can also get to raise virtual fishes on your device. But, before you get to raise one, you should catch your own fish in the app’s virtual lake.

You will be given a selection of rods and baits to catch your fish. Each rod and bait has its own unique properties. You will have to mix and match them to catch a certain fish. With the right combination, you can even catch a mermaid or a swimming panda and put them in your aquarium.

Once you’ve captured your fish, you can place them inside your virtual aquarium. The app also lets you customize and decorate your own fish tank. You can choose a certain type of fish to display in your aquarium. What’s more is that you can set your aquarium as your phone’s live wallpaper.

Get your own virtual aquarium with the Aqua Pets app.

Pet Tamagotchi

Before virtual pet apps or even Android devices existed, Tamagotchi key chains were a fad. I also had my own Tamagotchi pet. I took care of it, fed it, cleaned its poop, administered its medicine, and kept my pet happy. And after some time, my pet Tamagotchi evolved into its last form. It never ate, nor did it play with me until it died a natural death.

Disappointed with what had happened, I stopped playing with my Tamagotchi key chain. After some time, I grabbed a needle and pushed the reset button on the back. Voila! Tamagotchi addiction kicks in again.

With the rapid growth of Android devices, you can now relive the Tamagotchi mania by playing the Pet Tamagotchi app. Just like the game I used to play, this app lets you take care of a virtual pet right on your Android device.

You will need to feed your pet, play with it, keep its place clean, and protect your pet from thieves. You can also collect stars by playing the mini-games included in the app.

What’s more is that you can customize your own Tamagotchi pet. You can make your pet a mini princess or a daring cowboy. You can also design your pet’s surroundings. You can transform the place into ancient Egypt or design it into the Wild Wild West.

Take care of your own Tamagotchi pet with Pet Tamagotchi app on your Android device.

Tiny Farm

Old MacDonald was a good farm animal lover. He had a variety of animals on his farm–chickens, pigs, horses, sheep, ducks, cows, and much more. You can also be like Old MacDonald with the Tiny Farm app. This app lets you take care and manage your own virtual animal farm.

Your task will be to replace Old MacDonald and take care of his farm animals. You will need to take care of horses, sheep, chickens, pigs, and a lot more. Aside from taking care of animals, you should also make your animals happy and breed them to discover new species of animals. You will be surprised to unlock sheep with horns, bluish cows, greenish chickens, and many more unique animals. You can also ask the help of the Ranger to scout for rare animals in the forest.

What’s more is that this app is a social game. You can visit your friend’s farm and help them do their errands. You can also customize and decorate your farm of unique animals.

Nurture your love and show your tender loving care for farm animals with the Tiny Farm app.

Bird Land 2.0

If you like taking care of birds, you might like to play Bird Land 2.0 on your Android device. This app transforms your Android device into a virtual birdcage. Your primary task is to take care of your birds. You will need to keep the food box filled with bird food, keep the cage neat and tidy, and grow your family of birds by breeding them.

The birds of Bird Land also need some human touch to keep them happy. You will need to touch and interact with your birds to make them happy. For extra income, you can also sell your happy adult birds and gain more coins.

The app also allows you to customize your birdcage. Within the game, there is a shop where you can buy accessories and decorations for your cage. You can also buy and unlock new birds from the shop. You will be using bird coins (coins with a “B” symbol on them) for buying items. Some items can only be unlocked by paying red feathers. You can get red feathers by converting your real money into red feathers within the app.

Manage and take care of virtual birds with Bird Land 2.0 on your Android device.

iQuarium – virtual fish

Having a fish tank at home is surely a stress reliever. The sight of cool and soothing water just takes your blues away. The gurgling sound of the bubbles relieve your ears of the noise from the streets. And most of all, you get delighted at the elegant and majestic dance of the fishes that wave their colorful fins and tails. I think I should get myself a fish. Too bad I can’t afford to buy one, nor do I have the time to take care of a fish and maintain the fish tank. But, thanks to the iQuarium – virtual fish app, I can now enjoy aquatic scenery right on my Android device.

The app lets you interact with fish aquarium on your Android device. The app also allows you to decorate your fish tank. You can unlock new items by acquiring enough fish points. Fish points accumulate over the time and if your fish stays healthy and is fed properly. If you don’t want to wait, you can buy additional fish points and unlock new and cool items.

Grow virtual fish inside a virtual fish tank on your Android device with the iQuarium – virtual fish app.

Pesoguin Clock Widget (watch)

If you want a clock widget and a virtual pet on your homescreen, you can download the Pesoguin Clock Widget (watch) app and have a cute penguin right live in your Android device. This app is primarily designed to tell the time. But, due to its additional features, you can also use this app as your own virtual pet for your device’s home screen.

Aside from telling the time, the app lets you interact with the cute penguin Pesoguin. You can talk to it, feed it something, and even play rock, paper, and scissors with it. Every time you interact with Pesoguin, you earn points which will be used to unlock new items and new Pesoguin moves. You will be amazed by the cute moving penguin on your homescreen.

Have a yourself a virtual moving penguin right on your homescreen with the Pesoguin Clock Widget app.

Papaya Pet Paradise

Enter a world where animals rule the planet with Papaya Pet Paradise. This app lets you take care of your virtual pet. But, aside from feeding your pet and taking it out for a stroll, you will need to help it do human-like tasks such as going to work, buying some clothes from the shopping mall, and interacting with friends.

Just like the usual virtual pet apps, you will need to keep your pet happy. You will need to feed it with the right stuff and keep its surrounding neat and tidy. You can also do some human-like stuff like dressing your pet and help it find work to earn in-game coins. You can use these coins to buy new furniture, add new clothes, buy food, and many more. Some items can only be bought by using the special Papaya coins.

This app will require you to make a Papaya account. You can also use your Facebook account to log-in. Once logged in, you can take care of your own Papaya pet. You can also add your friends and visit their Papaya pets right on your Android device.

Tap Fish

Tap Fish is your mini exotic fish tank right on your Android device. As the name suggests, this app lets you grow virtual fish. You will need to take care of your fish and make them happy. Once they are fully grown, you can sell them and gain extra virtual income.

To have a new fish, you will need to buy a fish egg from the app’s fish store. There you will be able to select new fishes to add in your aquarium. You will also need to keep your fish happy by feeding them at the right time and keeping the tank clean. Don’t let your fish starve. You might end up killing your exotic and rare fishes.

The Tap Fish app also allows you to breed new types of fish. All you need to do is to buy two breedable fishes. Let the two fish grow and breed them to discover new and rare fish. You can also sell your adult fish and accumulate more coins. Coins are used to purchase in-game items. Some items can be bought by using Fish Bucks. You can get additional coins and Fish Bucks by buying them for a price within the app.

Grow your own virtual exotic aquarium with the Tap Fish app.

Pets can be our trusted friends. They can also be ways to relieve ourselves of stress from our everyday lives. These virtual pet apps will surely keep you entertained. Although these apps cannot replace real and live pets, you can enjoy the experience taking care of a pet in the comfort of your Android device.

What do you think of our virtual pet app list? Do have your own favorite Android virtual pet app? Tell us about it in a comment below.