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You can probably guess that the largest mobile service providers in the United States are the likes of Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, but you might be surprised to see US Cellular is fifth place on the list. It services five million customers across 426 markets and has begun to roll out 5G coverage in Iowa. We’re taking a look at a few of the best US Cellular plans you can choose from if you’re looking to switch providers.

US Cellular prides itself on its commitment to fairness in all aspects of customer service. It promotes its friendly customer service and the latest tech for the best experience, as well as bill transparency and even Payback. The Payback feature means that you can use all of the data you want and US Cellular will actually buy back some of your unused data.

When you switch to US Cellular, you can either pick up a new device or bring your own. The information was a little hard to find, but here is a link to check your IMEI number.

If you’re curious about this carrier, check out the plans below.

Best US Cellular plans:

  1. Basic plan
  2. Everyday plan
  3. Even Better plan
  4. Small Business plans
  5. Prepaid plans
  6. Global plans

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best US Cellular plans regularly as new plans launch.

1. Basic plan

Best US Cellular Plans

The most obvious place to start is the Basic plan. It starts at $60 per month for one user, but you can drop the price down as low as $30 per line if you have four lines of service. You’re also eligible for a $5 per month discount on each plan when you set up autopay and paperless billing. As the name would suggest, the Basic plan is the most straightforward and offers the fewest bells and whistles.

You get unlimited talk, text, and streaming with 480p quality. While it may not offer the most benefits, it’s tough to beat nationwide coverage for as little as $30 per person.

2. Everyday plan

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Up next is the Everyday plan, which is probably the most suitable plan for many people. It’s $70 per month for a single user, but with four lines the price drops to $40 per month for each line. You get the same unlimited talk, text, and streaming as the Basic plan but the streaming quality is raised to 720p HD.

The bonuses and extra features are what really set the Everyday plan apart from the Basic plan though. You get the added benefit of 500MB roaming data plus 100 minutes and 100 texts that can be used in Canada or Mexico. The Everyday plan also adds the Payback benefit, and you’ll get $5 back if you use less than 3GB of data.

In addition, you get 15GB hotspot data, 25GB priority data, and Redbox Movie Night rentals. You can rent one movie per month, per line, and crack open the popcorn.

3. Even Better plan

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The Even Better plan is, you guessed it, even better than the Everyday plan. You get all of the same features as above, but the streaming is kicked up even higher to 1080p Full HD quality. You also get double the roaming benefits: 1GB data, 200 minutes, and 200 texts. The Even Better plan starts at $80 for one line of service but it drops as low as $50 per line per month if you have four lines of service.

The Payback benefit gets twice as nice too: $10 for staying under the 3GB threshold. It could really be called the twice as nice plan because you get 30GB hotspot data, 50GB priority data, and two Redbox rentals per line per month.

4. Small business plans

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US Cellular even goes beyond personal plans to offer support for small businesses. The Small Business plans offer unlimited data as well as Payback. However, they’re designed for more than four users, which means you can continue to get discounts as you add more users to your service up to 15 lines.

US Cellular can also help you find solutions for mobile office management, wireless internet and backup, smart security, and call routing or payment processing.

5. US Cellular prepaid plans

us cellular prepaid

If you prefer the prepaid route, there are three options from US Cellular. The first option includes 5GB mobile data as well as unlimited talk and text for $40 per month on one line. You’ll get up to $10 off when you add lines two through five. If your needs change, you can upgrade your prepaid plan to Unlimited. You’ll get the added benefit of 480p streaming and unlimited high-speed data.

The top-end prepaid plan is the Unlimited Plus plan, starting at $65 per month for a single user. It features unlimited hotspot, unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada, and 22GB of priority data. You’ll also get one Redbox rental per month to boot.

6. Global plans

us cellular global

US Cellular has also added a few global options to the mix for when international travel becomes an option again. Unlimited calling to Mexico or Canada is just $5 per month, or call both for $10. If you have the whole world in mind, you can reach over 200 countries for just 20¢ per minute.

US Cellular also offers a monthly plan with unlimited calls to landlines in Mexico and discounted per-minute rates to over 200 countries starting at 5¢ per minute. The unlimited monthly plan is just $3.99 per month.

These are the best US Cellular phone plans the prepaid carrier currently offers. We’ll update this post with new ones as they launch. Looking for a new phone? Check out our list of the best US Cellular phones.