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Editor’s tip: This list is primarily for folks in the United States. Those from other countries may not find what they’re looking for.

Hailing a ride is in its Renaissance phase right now. Companies like Lyft and Uber made taxis cool again and tons of new companies are getting into the industry. There are a ton of them out there. They all basically promise the same thing. You use the app to hail a ride, it shows up, takes you where you need to go, and then you pay them money. However, most of them aren’t all that great yet. We’ll take a look and compare the best taxi apps and ride sharing apps for Android.

Curb is a fairly popular taxi app. It boasts coverage in 65 U.S. cities with a combined total of over 50,000 taxi cabs. It works like you would expect. You schedule a ride, they pick you up, and then drop you off somewhere else. The app can schedule rides immediately or schedule a ride up to 24 hours in advance. This one also supports PayPal, cash, credit cards, and the Curb app itself. Of course, they send receipts as well. The app and its service has a few issues here and there, but most of them are customer service problems and not necessarily app problems. It doesn’t work with international phone numbers so travelers might have problems with it as well. It’s not perfect, but it’s serviceable.

Curb is one of the best taxi apps


Price: Free / Ride costs vary

Lyft is one of the most popular ride sharing apps out there. Most people know how this app works. You find a ride, take it, and pay the driver. Lyft shows you the price of the ride up front so you know in advance. Additionally, you can split the cost with friends directly in the app if needed. Lyft also boasts a driver ranking system, liability insurance for its passengers, It’s not perfect by any stretch and people complain a lot about cancellation fees and surge charges where rides are more expensive than normal due to demand. The app works pretty well, though, and the service is usually reliable.

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Price: Free / Ride costs vary

TaxiCaller is another fairly run-of-the-mill taxi app that works pretty well. It has all of the basic features that you expect. That includes booking a ride immediately or sometime in the near future. It also has a location bookmark feature for quick ride hails later down the line. You can even hail different types of vehicles for things like extra luggage or pricing. This hails a regular old school taxi cab. That’s a nice feature for those who want something a little more typical and a little less wild west than something like Lyft or Uber. Prices vary, as they do with all apps in this category. It also supports Facebook login in case you need that.

TaxiCaller - best taxi apps for android


Price: Free / Ride costs vary

Uber is arguably the biggest name in ride sharing. They operate all around the world and get in trouble all of the time for their strategies. The actual service works like most other services, though. You hitch a ride, go places, and pay for it when you’re done. The app supports payments from PayPal and Android Pay. You can also review drivers, schedule pickups for the near future, and there are a few ride options as well. It has the same complaints as others, including pricing, various charges, and stuff like that. However, people seem to trust Uber a lot more than smaller companies.

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Local taxi apps

Price: Free / Ride costs vary

A lot of smaller companies service specific regions or areas. There are advantages to using services like these. The companies are local, for starters, as are all of their employees and their attention. They are a little difficult to find, though, and there are a lot of them. Juno seems like it’s pretty decent for New York. Via works in NYC, Washington D.C., and Chicago. Bay State Commute works only in Massachusetts. These little startups are all over the place and they are occasionally difficult to find. However, they don’t seem to be half bad. Of course, the costs vary from state to state and service to service. We linked an app called Bellhop to the button below. It lets you browse ride sharing and taxi services in your area so you can compare and use the one you want.

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