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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip unfolded sitting up

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip brings the clamshell design into the modern smartphone era and is probably the best foldable phone you can get right now. It’s an expensive buy though, and if you’re spending that much on a phone, you’ll want to keep it pristine for as long as possible. Here are the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip cases to help you do so!

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The best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip cases:

  1. Spigen Thin Fit
  2. Ringke Slim
  3. FYY leather holder
  4. Samsung leather case
  5. Spigen Tough Armor
  6. Araree Aero

Editor’s note: We will continue to update this list of the best cases for the Galaxy Z Flip as more become available.

1. Spigen Thin Fit

best galaxy z flip case - spigen thin fit

The Spigen Thin Fit isn’t the most protective case on this list but is ideal for those who don’t want to add any bulk to the phone. Precise cutouts are available for easy access to all ports and features, while the buttons aren’t covered. Protected corners help with handling bumps and drops and a slightly raised lip keeps the display and rear camera safe as well.

2. Ringke Slim

ringke slim

The Ringke Slim is a thin but protective polycarbonate case for the Galaxy Z Flip. A soft-touch finish helps with grip and feels great when holding the phone. You get easy access to ports and features and the buttons are uncovered. A lanyard hole lets you add wrist and neck straps to the phone as well. The Slim is available in a few different color choices, including clear and matte clear that let you show off the phone’s look.

3. FYY PU leather holder

fyy pu leather holder

This FYY leather case isn’t really a cover but rather a phone holder for the Galaxy Z Flip. It comes with a soft fabric interior that lets you easily slide the phone in and out of the holder while keeping it free from scratches. A magnetic cover ensures that the top half stays firmly in place even if the holder is dropped. The FYY leather holder is available in a variety of colors and styles.

4. Official Samsung genuine leather case

official samsung leather case

Samsung always does a great job when it comes to smartphone accessories. While there aren’t too many options for the Galaxy Z Flip, you can pick up a genuine leather case for it. This official case feels absolutely fantastic when holding the phone. It provides excellent grip and solid protection while barely adding any weight or thickness.

5. Spigen Tough Armor

best galaxy z flip rugged case - spigen tough armor

The Spigen Tough Armor offers dual-layer protection with the combination of a soft TPU core and a hard polycarbonate shell. It’s one of the best cases for the Galaxy Z Flip you can get if you’re looking for rugged protection. The buttons are covered but easy to press, and precise cutouts allow for easy access to everything else.

6. Araree Aero

araree aero galaxy z flip

The Araree Aero is another tough and thin polycarbonate option. It adds some extra protection around the corners and each port opening so you can feel safer no matter how you drop your phone. Although the buttons on the side of the Galaxy Z Flip are exposed, the Araree Aero has a thicker lip to provide some added protection. It’s available in black or red.

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