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The best Samsung Galaxy S24 chargers — wired and wireless

Remember, in a crunch, wired is always quicker than wireless.

Published onMay 2, 2024

Samsung 3-Port Super Fast Charging Wall Charger
MSRP: $59.99
Check price
Super fast charging
Multiple ports
OEM quality
Safe charging
Brand dependency
Limited Reviews
Samsung Super Fast 25W Portable Wireless Charger
MSRP: $49.00
Check price
Great design
Portable size
25W charging
Only two ports
Anker PowerWave II Stand
MSRP: $39.99
Check price
Includes power adapter
Elegant design
Dual charging coils
Barrel charging cable
Not readily portable
Samsung 45W Super Fast Wall Charger
MSRP: $49.99
Check price
Fast charges the Samsung Galaxy S series
USB PD PPS support
Up to 85% energy efficiency
Only one USB-C charging port
More expensive than the competition
No interchangeable regional plug
Anker 713 Nano 2 (45W)
MSRP: $39.99
Check price
Compact design
Folds for transport
Powerful 45W output
Single USB-C port
A little expensive

As has become the norm, unfortunately, none of the phones in Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 lineup come with a charger in the box. With that said, it’s not too hard to find a great compatible charger — and we’ve got our top recommendations for you below.

The best Samsung Galaxy S24 chargers

Samsung Galaxy S24 on table
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

You may already have a compatible charger in your home, especially if you’re upgrading from a Galaxy S23. That’s because power specs are unchanged — the base S24 tops out at 25W, while the S24 Plus and Ultra can refuel at a substantially faster 45W. Any charger needs to match or exceed those figures to deliver top speed. You can use a wireless charging pad or stand instead of USB-C, but don’t expect anything better than 15W, even with accessories that support Samsung’s Super-Fast Charging.

With that in mind, here are the chargers we recommend:

If you want to know how long it takes to charge an S24 and everything else you can expect from Samsung’s batteries, check out our dedicated Galaxy S24 battery and charging guide. Looking for cases, earbuds, and other add-ons? Check out our broader S24 accessory roundup.

Samsung 3-Port Super Fast Charging Wall Charger

Samsung 3-Port Charger

Think of this as the Swiss Army Knife option. Its 65W main USB-C port is compatible with Samsung’s Super-Fast Charging technology, allowing it to replenish an S24 Plus or Ultra at full speed. On top of that there’s a 25W secondary USB-C port, and a 15W USB-A connection for backward compatibility. This makes it ideal for charging tablets or accessories at the same time, and it’s compact enough for travel.

If there’s a downside, it’s only that 65W is its maximum capacity, no matter how many devices are plugged in. You could, in theory, use this to power some laptops or a Steam Deck at their maximum charging speeds, but there would be little if any power left over for anything else. Even an S24 Plus or Ultra will leave other devices with just 15W to share.

Samsung Super Fast Wireless Charger

samsung wireless charger pad 2022

This product only peaks at 15W, despite its name, but that’s okay. It’s really meant for overnight charging on your nightstand, or perhaps casual top-ups while you’re busy in your office or living room. When you need to charge in a hurry, it’s always better to go wired.

15W is actually reasonably high for wireless however, and since there’s a wall adapter included, you won’t need to buy a charger for your charger. Perhaps the most welcome feature is a built-in fan, which helps control the excess heat wireless charging generates.

Note that you’ll only hit full speed with Samsung phones that support Super-Fast Wireless Charging. You can power other devices, such as iPhones, but they’ll top out at a sluggish 7.5W.

Anker PowerWave II Stand

anker powerwave ii stand

If you want your phone to sit upright during wireless charging so you can see video, notifications, music info, or just the time, the PowerWave II is your best bet. It supports output up to 15W (depending on your phone), and it’s actually cheaper than Samsung’s official flat wireless charger. When you’re watching video, there’s a second horizontal coil near the base so you can keep charging in landscape mode.

There’s not too much more to say about this product, but we will note that it uses a 5-foot DC charging cord with a permanently attached wall adapter. That and its general form factor mean it’s not suited for travel — it’s best used as a static fixture on your nightstand or desk.

Samsung 45W Super Fast Wall Charger

Samsung 45W Super Fast Charging Wall Charger

This one is pretty straightforward—perhaps too straightforward, given that Samsung sells its 3-Port charger for just a few dollars more these days. It is compact, though, and for some people, that may be the most important factor. You can reach the full 45W speeds of the S24 Plus and Ultra.

Honestly, if you only need a single-port charger and care that much about compactness, you’re probably better off going with the Anker 713 (below). The advantage of going with Samsung is guaranteed compatibility and availability, since you can have it ship at the same time as your S24.

Anker 713 Nano II

Anker is the reigning king of third-party charging accessories, since its products tend to strike an ideal balance between cost, quality, and features. The 713 distinguishes itself via size — it’s so small that it’s not much larger than a piece of chocolate. That makes it easy to use for home or travel, and you might seriously consider keeping one in your pocket.

The only other things to mention are that the prongs are foldable, and that you can hit 45W on the S24 Plus and Ultra. That’s also enough power to charge gaming handhelds and some non-gaming laptops.


No, it doesn’t. It does come with a USB-C cable, but you’ll need to buy your own wall adapter or wireless charger (if you don’t already have one), or else plug into a computer or tablet.

Samsung says charging time should be identical to the S23 lineup. Maxing out possible wattage over USB-C, that translates to about to 65 minutes for the base S24, 55 minutes for the S24 Plus, and 57 minutes for the S24 Ultra. Your mileage may vary.

Wireless charging should take anywhere between 90 and 120 minutes using accessories compatible with Samsung’s proprietary standard. Otherwise, a conventional Qi charger should take between 135 and 150 minutes.

Yes. You can charge at speeds up to 15W, but that’s dependent on a pad or stand being compatible with Samsung’s proprietary tech. Using the Qi standard alone, you’ll more likely see speeds around 7.5 to 10W.

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