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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra on book

One of the key features that get a massive upgrade with the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series is the display. All variants of the device come with 120Hz displays and Quad HD+ resolutions, but the Galaxy S20 Ultra earns its name by coming with a massive 6.9-inch screen. Understandably, you’ll want to keep that gorgeous display free from damage. Here are the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protectors you can get right now!

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The best Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protectors:

Editor’s note: We will continue to update this list of the best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra as more become available.

amFilm tempered glass

amfilm - best tempered glass screen protector for the galaxy s20 ultra

It can be quite difficult to find a tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy S20 Ultra because of its curved screen and under-display fingerprint sensor. Luckily, amFilm has you covered with the Ultra tempered glass screen guards. Its most important feature is that it works with the ultrasonic scanner, even if you have to repeat the setup process. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it for what it offers.

LK TPU film

lk tpu film

The LK TPU film screen protector won’t be as effective as a tempered glass one, but it does a good job if you want to keep scratches and blemishes away. It is highly-transparent and extremely thin, so the viewing experience is fantastic and you get to enjoy a true-touch feel. While it doesn’t provide complete edge-to-edge protection, these screen guards have been designed to be compatible with most cases.

Armorsuit Militaryshield

armorsuit militaryshield

The Armorsuit Militaryshield is one of the best TPU film screen protectors you can get for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It’s ultra-thin and highly transparent, so you won’t have any problems with display clarity, touch sensitivity, or when using the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. You get edge-to-edge protection and a self-healing layer takes care of minor scratches and other blemishes.

Uniqueme TPU film

uniqueme tpu film

Like other TPU film screen protectors, the Unqiueme guards keep the display scratch-free, but don’t offer as much protection as tempered glass. However, it’s ultra-thin and transparent, so you will barely notice a difference when it comes to using the screen. An oleophobic coating keeps smudges away and it also comes with a self-healing layer that automatically fixes minor scratches and marks.

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