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The best Roblox Chrome extensions

They won't change Roblox itself, but you'll certainly appreciate them.
November 21, 2023
Roblox vehicle adventure

Although it’s over 17 years old and really looks like it, Roblox is an unstoppable gaming juggernaut, particularly among preteen gamers. That’s partly because it runs on (almost) everything, but primarily because it’s a sandbox experience — studios have produced entire self-contained games that run under the Roblox umbrella. If you or your kid is in deep, these are some of the best Roblox Chrome extensions out there.

The best Roblox Chrome extensions

We’re not going to be comprehensive here, simply because that’s an uphill battle with something as diverse and long-lived as Roblox. But one or more of these extensions should be enough to kickstart your experience, and from there, you’ll know what gaps you have to fill in to match your needs and habits.


RoPro for Chrome

RoPro is so comprehensive that for some players, it may be a one-stop shop. It lets you preview avatar items without owning them, for instance, as well as access a most-played games list on the Roblox homepage. You can also get a trade notifier, including a value calculator and a “defender” bot that makes it easier to reject trade bots. 

Some other enhancements include themes, fast equipping, and the ability to filter games by genre and/or hide private servers. There’s too much to cover here, but you should be aware that some RoPro features — such as those trade notification, value, and bot options — are gated behind Plus or Rex subscriptions that cost a monthly fee. They probably aren’t worth the money unless you play Roblox day-in and day-out.

Robux to USD

We’re going to get cynical for a moment, but it’s warranted. The truth about in-game currencies is that they’re meant to disguise how much real cash you’re spending, and encourage you to buy more for fear of “wasting” what you’ve already spent. Robux to USD does exactly what it says, putting a real-world pricetag on your account. This extension can be especially useful for parents trying to rein in their child’s budget.

Roblox Friend Removal Button

This extension is even more low-key than Robux to USD, but if you need it, it can be invaluable. Once installed it adds a red button to the corner of each card in your Friends list, making it easy to remove people you no longer want to play with. As with any online game it’s possible to accumulate “junk” friends in Roblox, whether because you were too quick to accept random invites, or you’ve moved beyond them in some way — perhaps they’re turned out to be bullies, racist, and/or homophobic. More innocently, it could be that you’re no longer playing the same game modes.

Roblox Plus

Roblox Plus is a completely free extension that adds over 20 features to the Roblox website, such as Twemojis, a trade notifier, and an avatar page filter bar. Perhaps the most welcome one is an item notifier, which tells you when a new item is available or an existing one got an update. You can also change how servers are sorted to cut through the confusion.

It might be worth trying this extension first before committing to something like RoPro. That one has the advantage of paid development behind it, but there’s a chance Roblox Plus will do enough without tempting you into yet another monthly subscription.