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10 best pool games for Android for billiards fans

Pool, billiards, snooker. We have a game for that.

Published onFebruary 6, 2024

This is the featured image for the best pool games and best billiards games for android!

Billiards is not a new style of game. People have played it for decades and it’s a popular activity at bars and pubs. However, the digital pool has only been around for a couple of decades or so. The genre has evolved quite a bit from its days as a Flash game on Candystand. There are a bunch of digital pool games now and mobile versions aren’t so bad. You can even play various types of pool, including 8-ball, Snooker, Carrom, Crokinole, and a bunch of others. Here are the best pool games and billiards games for Android!

The best pool games for Android

8 Ball Pool

Price: Free to play

8 Ball Pool is one of the most popular pool games on the Play Store. It comes with a large number of table colors, an online multiplayer mode, tournaments with up to eight players, and a shallow leveling system. You unlock various places to play pool as you rank up. Players who compete earn Pool Coins. They are usable to pay your way into higher-ranking tournaments. The mechanics, graphics, and gameplay are fairly typical as you see in most freemium games. This is one for casual players and people who enjoy playing online. The freemium grind is a little tedious in this game and some online components don’t always work as anticipated. However, it has 26+ million reviews and 1+ billion downloads for a reason. People seem to like it.

Billiards City

Price: Free (with ads)

Billiards City is another popular billiards game. It’s reminiscent of the old pool Flash games in both gameplay mechanics, look, and feel. It’s one of the few pool games on the list with a decent single-player mode. In addition, the game comes with a variety of unique and interesting table shapes and configurations. The game uses a level system and it gets progressively more difficult as you go. The game is entirely free with occasional advertising. The ads may come at a frequent clip, but it’s better than dealing with a freemium game so it’s only a minor complaint from us. We would also like to see other game types in future updates if the developer can swing it. This is one of the best free pool games with no in-app purchases.

Snooker Stars

Price: Free

Untitled design
Umme Aimon Shabbir / Android Authority
Snooker Stars focuses a lot on snooker rather than pool. But it’s an easily customizable camera, which makes it easier to aim on the larger table, and ensures that any skills you may have accumulated in the pool translate to this game quite well. It also predicts the effect on the cue ball after you take the shot, which compensates somewhat for the shorter sightlines. You can play 1 vs 1 multiplayer online, with frequent online events for you to indulge in. You can also play offline using its many pre-made levels. 

Breakshot Pool

Price: Free to play

Breakshot Pool is a decently simple pool game. It’s a turn-based game where you play with your friends. The game features asynchronous play, where you take turns whenever you want to. Each move is sent to the next player and then they can take their turn. It’s not the most graphically intensive billiards game on mobile, but it’s easy to play, which we like. Players can also opt to play against an AI if they want to play offline by themselves. There are some customization elements as well. It’s free to play, but it doesn’t appear to be pay-to-win, so it’s an easy recommendation from us.

Pool Ball

Price: Free

Pool Ball screenshot 2023

Pool Ball is an indie pool game with some surprisingly decent mechanics. The game features an AI mode along with a pass-and-play mode where you can play with friends. Additionally, you get features like white ball spin, something we don’t typically see in mobile pool games these days. It only has one game type, 8-ball, but since it’s the most popular game type, it’s not the biggest deal. The graphics aren’t the best, but honestly, it’s a minor nitpick. The only other downside is that it hasn’t seen an update since 2021, so we may have to take it off of the list next time we update it.

Pool Billiards Pro

Price: Free to play

Pool Billiards Pro screenshot 2023

Pool Billiards Pro is a very basic, but popular and fun billiards game. It uses a top-down perspective like the classic online Flash pool games and has a lot of the same charm. The game features 8-ball and 9-ball pools along with some challenge modes. There is also a single-player mode, a multiplayer mode, and modes with and without various rules. Most people who like this game enjoy the single-player aspect, while the PvP admittedly needs a little work. Still, it’s not bad for a free-to-play mobile pool game.

Pool Stars

Price: Free to play

Pool Stars - best pool games for android

This one is another simple pool game with a lot of content. The game comes with both 2D and 3D perspectives. Thus, you can play most comfortably for you. You also get multiplayer, a single-player career mode, and leaderboards. However, the game’s most unique feature is the custom challenge mode. Players can create their challenges and share with with other players. This one features predominately 8-ball and 9-ball as the game types. It’s a free-to-play game and that means it has some of the problems associated with free-to-play games. On the other hand, we quite liked the creativity with the challenge creation mode. This developer also makes Snooker Stars, Pool Night, and Pool Master. You can go with any of them. They all play the same with some minor exceptions.

Pool Tour

Price: Free

Pool Tour screenshot 2023

Pool Tour is an interesting billiards game. This one gives you a variety of pool puzzles instead of just the basic pool experience. In terms of gameplay, this one is pretty good. We recommend using the fine-tuning adjuster function to make sure everything is perfect, but it otherwise feels pretty good. You can also unlock various pool cues and other such things. The various challenges help keep the game fresh. This is a free game with ads, so it also works well as a secondary game to another, more traditional pool game.

Real Pool 3D

Price: Free to play

Real Pool 3D is another pool game with a lot going for it. It features Facebook sign-in and you can play against your friends with that function if you want to. Additionally, the game features a 2D and 3D view, online games against random players, social clubs (like a guild or a clan), and a collection of pool cues to collect. You can also play 8-ball or Snooker. It’s a decent experience once you dump a couple of dozen hours into it. The early game for this one isn’t the greatest and you have to grind it out a bit before you feel like you’re playing real, actual pool.

Real Snooker 3D

Price: Free / $2.99

Real Snooker 3D is an arcade snooker game with 3D graphics. The game features a fairly basic snooker experience. You can play alone or with a friend with the game’s pass-and-play function. The game also features three difficulty levels, five table patterns, and a practice mode in case you want to practice your shots. The game itself is pretty good and plays quite smoothly. The only issue we’ve found is that the rules aren’t fully enforced, resulting in some awkward shots from time to time. We’d also like to see more granular sound controls because the music is a little mediocre, but the sound effects are great. Otherwise, the game is solid all-around.

If we missed any great pool games or billiards games for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.