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5 best PlayStation emulators for Android

Relive the memories with the best PlayStation emulators for Android.

Published onMarch 21, 2024

best playstation emulators for android

The Sony PlayStation was one of the most iconic gaming systems ever released, and with it came a slew of legendary games. It’s unlikely that you still have a physical PlayStation console in your home, but thankfully you can still play these retro games on your phone with the help of an emulator on Android. There are only a few good options still available, but here are the best PlayStation emulators for Android.

The best PlayStation emulators for Android


Price: Free / $5.99

DuckStation screenshot 2022

DuckStation is one of the best PS1 emulators on Android. It covers the basics like save and load states, a high level of compatibility for games, and hardware controller support with up to eight controllers. It adds to the experience with OpenGL and Vulkan support, an upscaler and texture filter for better graphics, widescreen rendering, and more. While ePSXe and FPse have ruled this market for years, we think DuckStation deserves some consideration as well. It’s also free and open source if you want to check out the code yourself. Just be aware that you will need to provide a BIOS image yourself in order to start emulating games.


Price: $3.75

ePSXe is arguably one of the two best PlayStation emulators out there, alongside FPse. Both are paid apps, but this one tends to be a bit easier to use than the latter, and it’s also highly stable. It also supports split-screen mode, save and load states, customizable controls, hardware controller support, and OpenGL-enhanced graphics. There are also some plugins that add additional features. This is one that you should pick if you want something that just works right out of the box. The only downsides are a lack of a free mode and the dated UI. Otherwise, this one works quite well.


Price: $3.63

FPse is the other of the two most prominent PlayStation emulators on Android. This one is highly customizable. It features basic stuff like save and load states, customizable controls, high compatibility, and hardware controller support. However, it also has a range of advanced options, plugins, and extras that help you make the games play just right. You can opt for better graphics or better gameplay depending on your device. Like ePSXe, this one doesn’t have a free version to try. Plus, this one has a steeper learning curve due to its immense array of options.


Price: Free

Lemuroid screenshot 2023

Lemuroid is an all-in-one emulator, similar to RetroArch. Both use Libretro cores to emulate a variety of consoles, and that includes the Sony PlayStation. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you get everything sorted, it works fine. The emulator includes the usual stuff like save states and hardware controller support. It also adds some modern niceties like cloud save syncing. RetroArch below is another of our favorites, and in our experience they’re pretty similar. They both use the same Libretro cores, so the performance is the same either way.


Price: Free

RetroArch screenshot 2022

RetroArch is among the most famous PlayStation emulators on Android. The emulator also boasts multi-console support, like Lemuroid above. It supports pretty much everything that you can think of, from the PSP to modern consoles like the Nintendo Switch. You download each system individually as a plugin. That means there is an extra level of complexity when compared to most PlayStation emulators. However, if you learn to master this app, you won’t have to go hunting for another one for quite some time. In our experience, the PlayStation core is relatively stable and works pretty well. It’s completely free (and open-source).

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