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Hello Android Authority readers!

It’s my pleasure to announce that while we’re finishing up testing for our annual Best of Android series, we’re going to be launching a Reader’s Choice award. We need YOU to decide which 2018 phones are the best, crowning one handset to reign supreme. An internal poll decided the seeding order, and all matchups were determined using a 24-unit bracket. This means that the most popular phones here got a first-round bye, but any phone has a chance to unseat these mobile devices head-to-head. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to cast your votes, and to enter our giveaway — the more you vote on our matchups, the more chances you get to win one of three winning phones!

A bracket showing the competing phones for Best of Android.

24 phones enter, one remains after a month of head-to-head competition.

Every day, we’re going to be updating our Best of Android scoreboard with the winners from the previous day’s polling. Check back here every day for a new head-to-head matchup, and to see how badly your phone beat the competition!

Once a final winner is determined, it’ll earn the coveted Android Authority Reader’s Choice Award. While we can’t guarantee that this is going to be the best smartphone of all time, the bracket competition is a fun way to blow off some steam and do what we came to Android Authority to do in the first place: argue about phones.

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Matchup #14 results: Chris tearfully lets the Asus ROG drift into the void

I’ll never let go, phone.

The Asus ROG phone is a little weird, with its multiple USB-C ports, but that’s why many of us like it, okay? Unfortunately for its bracket chances, niche phones haven’t been doing all that well in this competition, and the Huawei P20 Pro steamrolled it on the way to the bracket 3 finals.

This is a lot of fun, and I’m proud of our readers. I know that it’s very easy to care a whole lot about smartphones — myself included — and the tone in the comments has been encouraging! Keep up the discussion!

Matchup #15: Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. Xiaomi Mi 8

This could be a fun battle, but is the Samsung Galaxy S9’s clout too much for the plucky underdog Xiaomi Mi 8 to handle? Let’s find out!

Why you should vote for the Samsung Galaxy S9:

The Galaxy S9 Plus.

[The S is one of] the most beautiful, feature-packed smartphones ever made. These phones deliver in all the areas we expected. The displays are top-notch (and notch-less). They sacrifice nothing under the hood. Both boast solid camera performance. These are probably the best Android phones for most users, and I’d have no problem recommending them to almost anyone.

— Jimmy Westenberg

Why you should vote for the Xiaomi Mi 8:

Xiaomi’s Mi 8 uses definitively average hardware to showcase its stellar software. While you won’t find any special features or gimmicks in this device, the flagship specs are a great deal at less than $400.

— David Imel

Which phone wins?