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10 best live wallpaper apps for Android

There are a ton of live wallpaper apps and choosing the best was hard, but we've got a list of the best live wallpapers on Android that we hope you'll like.
November 24, 2021
Cartogram best live wallpaper apps for android
Live wallpapers aren’t quite the draw that they used to be. Once fancied as “one of the features Apple products don’t have”, it’s since fallen into obscurity a bit. That isn’t to say that live wallpapers don’t have a fan base. The cult following is huge and definitely palpable. There are a ton of live wallpapers and we’re going to take a look at the ten best live wallpaper apps for Android. Of course, it is entirely subjective so if there’s a good one you want to share with other readers, post it in the comments!

We’d also like to give an honorable mentions to Google Photos (Google Play link) as it has a live wallpaper option now.

Cartogram is a fairly unique live wallpaper. It uses your current location and a stylized map as your background. The map changes as you move to different places so it’s always something different when you’re driving around town. There are a range of customization options, including various colors and an OLED mode if you like it darker. You can also set this to a single location as a wallpaper instead of moving around like a live wallpaper. We’ve seen a few gripes, but nothing substantive and the app worked great in our testing.

Cartogram screenshot

Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpapers

Price: Free / $3.49

Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpapers is a live wallpaper from Roman De Giuli, an artist with a bunch of abstract 8K animations on YouTube. The app has a bunch of his work and most of it looks really good. The free version includes 30 live wallpapers and the pro version ups the number to 250. Most of the wallpapers are basically video loops that last around 20 seconds or so. In addition to those features, the developer promises to add more live wallpapers over time so don’t be surprised if you check and the number is greater than 250. There is a lot to like with this one and the wallpapers definitely look nice.

Forest Live Wallpaper

Price: Free / Up to $5.00

Forest Live Wallpaper is a delightful live wallpaper for Material Design fans. It features a minimal forest scene that sways in the breeze. You can customize the colors to suit your theme or tastes. It also fades from day to night, has a parallax effect, and more. It used to do weather info as well. However, popularity got the developer suspended from his OpenWeatherMap account. That’s not great news. It’s still really good, though. Especially if you’re looking for simple live wallpaper apps.

Forest Live Wallpaper - best live wallpapers for android

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

Price: Free / $3.49

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker is among the best live wallpaper apps. It lets you make your own. It gives you a WYSIWYG editor. It’s fairly easy to use. Some of the customization features include a clock, Google Fit data, weather, system info, and even your RSS feed. There are also some nifty graphics settings that you can play with. The free version comes with most of the features. Going pro nets you ad removal and some advanced features. It has a few bugs. It’s nothing too serious, though. This one is also free via Google Play Pass if you use it.

Maxelus live wallpapers

Price: Free

Maxelus is a developer on Google Play a ton of gorgeous live wallpaper apps. Some of the more popular ones include Space Colony, Supermassive Black Hole, Alien Shapes, Symphony of Colors, and more. Most of them are space themed. They also have some customizable elements such as color. There are over a dozen live wallpapers available. They won’t wow you. However, the Moscaic 3D live wallpaper is very excellent.

Muzei Live Wallpaper is one of the iconic live wallpapers. It doesn’t move about and do a bunch of stuff like normal live wallpaper apps. Instead, it automatically replaces your wallpaper with classic pieces of art. You can also throw in your favorite photos. It comes with Android Wear support. Additionally, tons of other apps have Muzei support. It’s among the best without a doubt.

Oajoo Device Info Wallpaper

Price: Free

Oajoo Device Info Wallpaper shows system information on your home screen. It’ll show your CPU usage, storage usage, temperature, battery, and other info. It displays everything in a cramped, but useful style. You can customize the colors as you wish. It also has support for tablets. It’s one of the newer live wallpaper apps. However, it seems to work fairly well with a minimal number of bugs. We expect it to improve over time.

Oajoo Device Info - best live wallpaper apps


Price: Free with ads / Up to $8.49

Walloop functions a lot like a traditional wallpaper app. It’s not just a single live wallpaper, but a repository of sorts for a whole bunch of them. You can browse various categories, including AMOLED, seasonal, nature, anime, abstract, and various others. The app also supports a host of resolutions up to 4k, making it one of the few good sources for 4k live wallpapers. The app has ads as well as in-app purchases, but the ads aren’t that bad and the in-app purchases aren’t either. It’s a good place to browse for some live wallpapers.

Sound Wave

Price: Free

Sound Wave is another unique (and free) live wallpaper. The live wallpaper functions as an oscilloscope of sorts and creates waves when it hears things in your microphone. That’s basically it and it’s a really simple premise. We would’ve liked some extra customization options, but overall the idea is surprisingly minimal and fun. Plus, the battery drain is minor. This is a nice one if you want something a little more flashy than a still wallpaper but you don’t want something so flashy that it’s distracting.

Sound Wave screenshot

Water Garden Live Wallpaper

Price: Free / Up to $1.49

Water Garden Live Wallpaper is a good one for fans of water. It features excellent water rippling effects, pretty fish, and various nature scenes. The water splashes can be a little excessive. However, a lot of that stuff is customizable. It’s also has tablet support. There really isn’t much to this one. It’s just a pond with some fish and some splashes. It’s just really smooth and looks really good. You can pick it up for free. Additional features are available as in-app purchases.

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