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10 best literature apps for Android

Literature is a bit of a niche subject on mobile. Here are the best literature apps for Android!
April 23, 2021
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Literature is a bit of a niche subject in the app world. Generally, most people find what they’re looking for through Google searches and ebook readers. Still, there are some good literature apps available on mobile platforms. Most of them are ereaders, but there are some other decent apps for literature fans as well. In any case, here are the best literature apps for Android!

Amazon Kindle

Price: Free / Book costs vary

Amazon Kindle is one of the obvious literature apps. Most (if not all) of the biggest authors publish here, but it also has a good variety of independent writers and old classics. The app itself functions as intended most of the time. You can sync your library, use a night mode, customize the text size, and more. Amazon Prime members ($119.99 per year) can read a rather impressive selection of books for free. Amazon also maintains a collection of totally free, out-of-copyright books. The app is a little bit heavy, but otherwise it works fine.

Amazon Kindle is one of the best literature apps for kids

Audible Audiobooks

Price: Free / Book costs vary / $14.95-$22.95 per month

Audible is a popular audio book platform. It lets you listen to books instead of reading them. Nothing quite compares to reading a book. However, you can’t always read. It’s mostly great for listening to books while driving, working, or other activities where reading isn’t always possible. The service is rather expensive. However, the app includes a bunch of titles, a 30-day free trial, offline support, and more. There’s no coupon code here. This list isn’t sponsored by Audible or anything. It’s just a decent literature app.

CLZ Books

Price: Free trial / $14.99 per year

CLZ Books is an excellent resource for book collectors. You can easily keep track of your books by scanning the ISBN code on the book. The app adds it to your little database and you can keep track of the books you own. You can even add stuff like cover images and the like. There is also a database in the app, syncing between devices, and a wishlist for books you want. It even has some decent organization features, such as by author, year, purchase date, and number of pages. There is a free trial for the service and after that it costs a very reasonable $14.99 per year.

CLZ Books screenshot


Price: Free / $9.99 per month (optional)

Feedly is one of the few good RSS apps left. It’s good for a lot of subjects and topics. It lets you follow websites, blogs, and news sites that you like. The app works for literature fans as well. You find the blogs and sites that talk about new books or literature in general. Feedly keeps them all in one spot for easy recall. It’s completely free with no in-app purchases or advertisements. Plus, it’s cross-platform between mobile and PC, Mac, and even Linux (via a Chrome extension). It also integrates with a bunch of other apps.


Price: Free with ads

GoodReads is the biggest social network for readers as far as we know. This one serves a lot of functions. It connects people who like similar types of books. Additionally, people can review books they read for other people. It also comes with a reading list, status updates, page number updates, and a barcode scanner. The barcode scanner puts your physical books into your digital library. You can’t read them there, but it can show other people what you own. Between this and Browsery, you can find a lot of good information. The next best option is finding groups on Facebook or Reddit. However, those only work so well.

Goodreads screenshot 2021
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Google Play Books

Price: Free

Google Play Books is an ebook platform similar to Amazon Kindle. You can buy all kinds of books, sync them between your devices, and read whatever you want. It also features a selection of free books along with magazines, guides, and all sorts of other literature. It even supports comic books. The app itself works offline, has a night mode, and some text customizations as well. The app has the occasional issue, but it generally works pretty well.

Google Play Books screenshot 2019 Final

Literary Terms

Price: Free / UP to $2.49

Literary Terms is a good educational app for literature fans. It includes a glossary of a bunch of various words, terms, and phrases associated with literature. That’s basically all the app does. It has an old, but functional UI with tons of various words. It’s not difficult to navigate or anything like that. There is also a search tool that worked fine during our testing. You can download the app for free. There is an optional cost for the pro version.

Literary Terms sceenshot


Price: Free / $4.99

FBReader is a fairly decent ebook reader. The reader supports a variety of ebook formats, including EPUB (and EPUB3), AZW3 (Kindle), FB2, RTF, DOC, HTML, and plain text. An optional plugin adds PDF support as well. There are a bunch of good ereader apps. However, we liked this one because it’s fast, light, simple, and customizable. Moon+ Reader is also quite popular in this space. We have our list of the best ebook readers for Android linked under the first paragraph of this list if you want more recommendations!

FBReader screenshot for the best literature apps list


Price: Free

OverDrive is an excellent app for literature fans. The app lets you borrow audiobooks, ebook, and other content from your local library. Of course, your local library needs to support OverDrive for it all to work. However, if it does, you can easily borrow stuff without leaving the comfort of your home. Since the goods are digital, there are no late fees and you can sync all of your data between devices easily. All you need is a valid library account and you should be good to go. It has some flaws here and there, but it’s also an entirely free and legal source of ebooks so it’s hard to complain too mcuh.


Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $29.99 per year

There are a lot of good and bad things about Reddit. However, its ability to bring folks together over similar interests is undeniable and that includes literature buffs. There are a variety of literature subreddits out there dedicated to the world of literature, reading lists, regional and geographic writing styles, works of famous artists, and more. Simply find the niche you want to engage with and go crazy. Just make sure to read the subreddit rules so you don’t get banned.

Reddit screenshot 2020 2

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