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The best Kindle cases for the Basic, Paperwhite, and Oasis

Looking for the perfect companion for your new Kindle? You're in the right spot. Here are the best Kindle cases!

Published onMay 18, 2022

Kindle Cases featured image

Amazon’s Kindle lineup has some of the most popular e-readers around. They aren’t overly expensive, they can store tons of books, and the latest generation even added niceties like waterproofing. However, we totally understand that you want to protect your investment, and a good case helps with that. It can defend your Kindle from scratches and minor drops. Plus, some of them look really slick.

Most Kindle cases on the market are simple folio cases. This makes sense since folio cases cover both the front and back of the device, which helps protect the Kindle from dust and while traveling. Here are the best Kindle cases for the 10th generation Basic, Paperwhite, and Oasis. Please note, these are for the newest Kindle devices so they may not work if you have an older model. If you’re not sure which model you have, we have a guide for that.

Best Kindle cases

Best Kindle Basic cases

1. Ayotu case

Ayotu Kindle Case
The Ayotu Kindle case is an excellent choice for the base model Kindle Basic. It comes in over two dozen colors and designs and has the same folio design as Amazon’s official cases. This one is a cloth-covered case with holes for the charging port and buttons. Additionally, it has a magnetic cover that supports the wake-on-open and sleep-on-close feature of 10th generation Kindles. These cases are also available for the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis.

2. CoBak Leather case

CoBak leather 2019 Kindle case

If you’re looking for a simple Kindle case that won’t break the bank, these cases from CoBak are a great option. They come in a variety of designs, although we really liked the PU leather option seen above. No matter which option you pick, you’re getting full auto sleep and wake support to save battery life when not in use. CoBak makes cases for the more expensive Kindles (more on that below), but it also still supports certain Kindles older than 2018, which is great to see for anyone holding on to legacy devices.

3. MoKo case

MoKo Kindle Basic Case 2

The MoKo case is a basic and perfunctory case for the Amazon Kindle Basic. The cover itself has a rubbery plastic feel and the case itself comes in three dozen colors and designs. It supports the auto wake and sleep function with the magnetized front cover. It should last you quite a while, which justifies the slightly higher price tag. The company also makes a folio stand case and a second vertical flip stand case if you want some extra variety. MoKo makes most of these same cases for the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis too.

Best Kindle Paperwhite cases

1. CoBak case

CoBak Kindle case
CoBak’s Kindle Paperwhite case is a good alternative to the official Kindle Paperwhite cases. It covers all of the bases: it doesn’t add a ton of bulk, it’s lightweight, the cover has a magnet to keep it closed, and it works with the auto sleep and wake function. It comes in just over a dozen colors and designs. Early on it had an issue with frayed corners after a short period of time. However, CoBak acknowledged this problem, fixed it, and put the cases back up for sale with free replacements for those with the issue. How’s that for customer service?

2. Fintie case

Fintie Kindle case
Next up is a great Kindle Paperwhite folio case from Fintie. This one offers superior protection against drops and other mishaps. The front and back covers are synthetic leather with a nice two-tone design. There are also full-cover designs in a few different colors. Like the other options on the list, it supports auto sleep and wake functions as well. The only knock is that it’s heavier and thicker than most, but the benefit is a bit of extra protection.

3. Walnew case

Walnew Kindle case
Walnew makes an excellent folio case for Kindle Paperwhite devices. Unlike most other cases, it comes with a stand and a mix of fabric and synthetic leather. It also features a pen holder along with support for the auto sleep and wake function. Alongside the stand is a hand strap for a more secure reading experience. The addition of the strap and stand makes the case a bit thicker and heavier than most, but they do add comfort and convenience.

Best Kindle Oasis cases

1. ACdream case

ACdream Kindle case
ACdream has a few decent cases for the Kindle Oasis 2019 and 2017 model (the same case fits both). It sports a classic design with stitched synthetic leather on the outside and smooth fabric on the inside. The case comes in six different colors, each with support for the auto sleep and wake functions. The front of the cover also includes a pocket in case you need one. The prices fluctuate slightly, but most of them go for roughly $15, which is cheaper than the official Amazon case.

2. CaseBot stand case

CaseBot Kindle case
This case from CaseBot is probably the best stand case for the Kindle Oasis 2017 and 2019. In addition to the stand, it has a hand strap for easier holding. It’s designed so you can hold the device with the hand strap and turn the page with the same hand, which is surprisingly backward in a lot of other Oasis cases with hand straps. The case comes in nine different colors and designs, supports the auto-sleep and wake function, and has a card slot in case you need it.

3. Official Amazon Kindle Oasis case

Kindle Oasis case Amazon
This is one of the few times we actually recommend the stock Amazon Kindle cases. The company seems to put a little more effort into the Oasis cases than the cheaper Kindle models. As an official Amazon case, it naturally supports the auto wake and sleep function on the Oasis. It comes in three colors and keeps the extra bulk down to a minimum when compared to other cases. It’s an excellent option if you just want something to keep the dust out while it hangs out on the coffee table.

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