Amazon Kindle 2019 placed on top of older kindles

Even in a world of smartphones and tablets, Amazon’s Kindle line of e-readers continues to thrive. Almost 12 years after the first Kindle hit the scene, Amazon is still selling plenty of e-readers. It’s almost refreshing to own a device that has one job: to consume books.

With that said, here’s our list of the best Kindle e-readers currently available.

Best Amazon Kindle e-readers:

  1. Amazon Kindle Oasis
  2. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
  3. Amazon Kindle

Editor’s note: We will update our list of the best Amazon Kindle e-readers as new devices launch.

1. Best overall: Amazon Kindle Oasis

Official render of the third-generation Amazon Kindle Oasis.

If you’re a voracious reader who wants the top-end Kindle device, the Amazon Kindle Oasis is your e-reader. Feature a seven-inch display with 25 LEDs, the Kindle Oasis also features a pixel density of 300ppi, an aluminum body, an IPX8 rating for water protection, and page turn buttons. This is also the third generation of Oasis and part of Amazon’s 10th generation of Kindles.

It also has a neat trick up its sleeve: an adjustable color temperature. The feature lets you change how warm or cool the display is, which should translate to an improved reading experience in different lighting conditions as well as at night.

It starts at $249.99 for the 8GB version and $279.99 for the 32GB version. In addition to Wi-Fi-only, the Kindle Oasis is also available with cellular connectivity. Those who want the best Kindle with the best specs and largest, sharpest display should go with this one. 

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2. Best recommendation: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

It doesn’t have the all of the fancy features of the Kindle Oasis, but the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is arguably the best e-reader for most people. This is the 4th generation Paperwhite and part of Amazon’s 10th generation of Kindles.

It features a six-inch display flush with the bezels and with a pixel density of 300ppi. The display only has 5 LEDs underneath it, but that’s more than enough to deliver uniform backlighting at various brightness levels when reading at night.

There’s also an IPX8 rating for water protection, Bluetooth, and support for Amazon’s Audible service. Finally, battery life should be good for weeks.

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The Kindle Paperwhite starts at $149.99 for the base 8GB version with ads. The top-tier model with 32GB of storage, no ads, and cellular connectivity sets you back $249.99. However, you can frequently find this one on sale for as low as $99.99, especially during the holidays. For that price, the Paperwhite is the easiest recommendation of all three modern Kindles.

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3. Best budget option: Amazon Kindle Basic

Amazon Kindle 2019 front with book and text

The cheapest and most basic e-reader in the lineup, the latest Kindle is a big upgrade over its predecessor. That’s because it’s the first basic model to have a front light with four LEDs. This is the Kindle Basic 3 and part of the 10th generation of Kindles. 

The rest of the Kindle is what you’d expect: weeks of battery life, a six-inch display with a pixel density of 167ppi, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The display doesn’t sit flush with the bezel, there’s no waterproof rating, and the light sensors don’t automatically adjust to the environment.

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That said, the low $89.99 starting price with “special offers” makes it easier to tolerate the compromises. You can get it without ads, but it costs an extra $20. When Kindles generally go on sale, you can find this as low as $69.99, making it an easy budget choice for readers everywhere.

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That was our list of the best Amazon Kindle e-readers you can buy right now. Interested in an e-reader but want something else? Check out this link.