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Apple’s iPad lineup is as confusing as ever, but there’s no denying the sprawling accessory ecosystem for the tablet. If you can think of something to buy for your iPad, odds are it’s available for purchase right now.

From a stylus and earbuds to sleeves and keyboards, here are the best iPad accessories you can buy.

The best iPad accessories:

Editor’s note: We will update our list of the best iPad accessories as new accessories launch.

1. Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil - one of the best iPad accessories

Even if you don’t know how to draw, the Apple Pencil has become a quintessential accessory for iPad owners. Third-party styluses can’t match the Apple Pencil’s responsiveness, with a large number of apps taking advantage of Apple’s stylus.

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Apple currently sells two generations of the Apple Pencil. The first-generation Apple Pencil works with all current iPad and iPad Air models, while the second generation works with the latest 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros.

The first-generation and second-generation Apple Pencil cost $99 and $129, respectively.

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2. Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods taken out of the case - - one of the best iPad accessories

You don’t get the Apple AirPods for sound quality, because there are plenty of better-sounding true wireless earbuds. You get Apple AirPods because of how easy it is to pair them with Apple products, including iPads.

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Thanks to the new H1 chip, the updated AirPods connect faster than the previous generation. You can also now use your voice to quickly access Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. Finally, the AirPods last up to five hours on a charge. The case provides an additional 19 hours of battery life.

The AirPods with Wireless Charging Case cost $199. You can save a bit of money by going with the AirPods with Charging Case, which normally costs $159. However, Amazon is currently holding a sale on both models.

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3. Apple Smart Keyboard

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio official render - - one of the best iPad accessories

There are better options if you want more travel or backlighting. However, the Apple Smart Keyboard trumps everything else when it comes to convenience.

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Not only is the Smart Keyboard easy to attach and detach, but the fabric-like material makes it so water doesn’t damage the keys. You also don’t need to worry about battery life, since it uses the iPad’s battery to work.

The Smart Keyboard is available for the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. Unfortunately for iPad Mini owners, you’ll need to look elsewhere for your typing needs.

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4. Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox One wireless controller on a table

Thanks to the recent iPadOS update, iPads officially support Xbox controllers. That means you can now pick up the excellent Xbox Wireless Controller and use it to play your favorite controller-supported games.

It’s hard to find any faults with the Xbox Wireless Controller. The offset analog sticks make them perfect for shooters, the bumpers are easy to press, and the triggers fit any hand that pulls them. Even the d-pad is clicky and satisfying to press, though the positioning is a bit awkward for longer playing sessions.

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It doesn’t have the rechargeable batteries of the DualShock 4 and SteelSeries Nimbus, but the Xbox Wireless Controller delivers up to 30 hours of use with removable batteries. Better yet, you’re more than welcome to pick up rechargeable batteries.

The Xbox Wireless Controller is available from $44 for the regular black model to $179.99 for the upcoming Elite Series 2 model.

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5. Anker PowerPort Atom III

Anker PowerPort Atom III - - one of the best iPad accessories

The included iPad wall charger is fine, but the Anker PowerPort Atom III is a compelling alternative and one of the best accessories you can get for your iPad.

To start, the PowerPort Atom III features a USB-C port and regular USB port. The USB-C port supports up to 45W of output, while the regular USB port supports up to 15W of output. Because of the high output, you can charge your iPad faster than you could with the bundled charger. You can also charge other devices, such as laptops and phones.

Finally, the PowerPort Atom III is smaller than you’d think for a wall charger with 60W of total output. You can thank its use of gallium nitride (GaN) for the reduced footprint.

The PowerPort Atom III is available for $42.99.

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6. Peak Design Tech Pouch

Peak Design Tech Pouch

Peak Design is best known for its backpacks, but the company also makes the equally-flexible Tech Pouch.

The Tech Pouch is unassuming from the outside, but the inside is filled with pockets. You can store everything from chargers and cables to the Apple Pencil and AirPods. Durability shouldn’t be an issue, thanks to the weatherproof exterior fabric.

The Peak Design Tech Pouch is available for $59.95.

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7. Tempered glass screen protectors

iPad glass screen protectors on Amazon

iPad displays are relatively durable, but they’re still made of glass. Protect your investment and pick up a tempered glass screen protector.

Known brands like Zagg sells plenty of glass screen protectors for iPads, but they’re usually expensive and don’t have the best of reviews. The good news is there’s a large market for glass screen protectors, even if they come from relatively no-name companies. I’ve picked up a few for my iPads over the years, and I haven’t had issues with them.

All tempered glass screen protectors fulfill the same purpose: protect your display with an extra layer of glass. Some glass screen protectors come with a plastic frame for easy installation, and others force you to use your eyes to line them up with the iPad. Either way, it’s a worthy investment if you’re concerned about scratching up your iPad’s display.

Tempered glass screen protectors for the iPad can be found between $8 and $20. Something to note: the Apple Pencil might not function as well with a glass screen protector.

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8. Mosiso tablet sleeve

Mosiso tablet sleeve - - one of the best iPad accessories

Not everyone wants a case for their iPad. That’s where tablet sleeves come in, since you can safely and quickly put your iPad away when it’s not in use.

This particular tablet sleeve is from Mosiso. The polyester foam padding layer and fleece fabric help protect your iPad, while the exterior polyester material is nice to the touch. There’s even a second front pocket to store cables and your Apple Pencil.

The Mosiso tablet sleeve is available for $11.99.

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9. Satechi Aluminum Type-C Mobile Pro

Satechi Aluminum Type C Mobile Pro

The Satechi Aluminum Type-C Mobile Pro is a USB-C hub for those with the latest iPad Pros. The hub brings back the headphone jack and features HDMI out, a USB 3.0 port for data transfer, and a USB-C PD port for 18W charging. According to Satechi, the HDMI port supports 4K resolution up to 30Hz.

Finally, Satechi’s USB-C hub features an aluminum enclosure matching the color of your iPad Pro. That means it’s available in Space Gray or Silver.

The Satechi Aluminum Type-C Mobile Pro is available for $59.99.

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10. Anker PowerLine+ II USB-C to Lightning

Anker PowerLine II USB C to Lightning

If you don’t own an iPad Pro and want faster charging times, forget about Apple’s short USB-C to Lightning cable and pick up Anker’s much-longer cable.

Measuring six feet in length, the Anker PowerLine+ II supports Apple’s 29W, 30W, 61W, and 87W USB-C power adapters. It’s also MFi-certified and supports the Power Delivery standard. Finally, the double-braided cable can supposedly withstand 30,000 bends. Suffice it to say this is a durable cable.

The Anker PowerLine+ II is available for $23.99.

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That was our list of the best iPad accessories. For more apple-related coverage check out the widget below.

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