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5 best hunting apps for Android

February 28, 2021
HuntStand best hunting apps for Android
Hunting isn’t quite the necessity it once was. We have food readily available these days. However, that doesn’t stop people from going out and engaging in the occasional hunt. It’s a physical activity so there isn’t too much of a use for a smartphone. That doesn’t mean there are no uses, though.

From what we can tell, there are three types of hunting apps. The first is communicative so you can talk to fellow hunters or members of your party who aren’t right next to you. You can also find various hunting-specific maps with property lines and such on it. Finally, there are various sound apps for things like animals calls. We have a little bit of everything here so let’s look at the best hunting apps for Android!

HuntStand is probably your best bet for an all-in-one hunting app. It features maps for easy navigation along with important information like property lines. The app also comes with tracking features, weather reports, and even some small social elements. You can personally customize maps for your needs, sync between devices, and edit your maps from within the app. There really isn’t much that it can’t do aside from shooting the animals for you. You can pay a nominal fee to remove the ads. You can pay more for additional features as well.

HuntStand screenshot 2020

onX Hunt

Price: Free / $14.99 per month / $29.99-$99.99 per year

onX Hunt is another serviceable map provider for hunters. It has maps for all 50 U.S. states in various formats. That includes topographical, aerial, and others. The app also provides property boundaries and dedicated hunting zones in every state. Some of the app’s other features include GPS support, tracker and waypoint markers, and easy tracking. Many of its features are available offline as well. You can get maps for an individual state for $29.99 per year or, alternatively, the whole country for $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Obviously, we only recommend this app for people who hunt very frequently and can justify the cost. HuntWise (Google Play link) is an alternative if this one doesn’t work for you.

onX Hunt screenshot 2021
Joe Hindy / Android Authority


Price: Free

Powderbook is a sort of social media app for hunters. It features mentors with plenty of knowledge about the craft to help improve your hunting skills. Additionally, there are features where you can tell your hunting stories to others. That part is mostly neat and will likely get better over time. For now, the app is an excellent resource for beginning and intermediate hunters and the app also has some mapping features as well. It’s entirely free for now and it’s definitely one of the most interesting, newer hunting apps.

Vstd hunting apps

Price: Free

Vstd is a developer on Google Play with several decent hunting apps. Well, technically they are animal call apps. You can use them for hunting purposes, though. Each app has various calls from various species, including deer, elk, moose, duck, coyote, goose, and Turkey. The app design for each one is a little basic, but the calls are relatively decent. There are premium versions of each app. However, we weren’t able to tell a discernible difference between the premium versions and the free versions, so just go free for now.

Zello PTT Walkie Talkie

Price: Free

Zello PTT Walkie Talkie is arguably the best walkie talkie app on mobile phones right now. You can keep in contact with your hunting group, even if you’re not right next to each other. The app features both public and private chats with both PTT (push to talk) and text functionality. It works over even spotty data connections and it also features push notifications in case you are otherwise occupied. Of course, phone calls and texts work too, but a good old-fashioned walkie-talkie can certainly help communication within your hunting party. Plus, the app is free.

Zello screenshot 2020

Bonus: Weather apps

Price: Free / Varies

1Weather is one of our favorite weather apps. The app features a no nonsense design, a 10-day weather forecast, current conditions, a radar, humidity readings, and even sunset and sunrise times along with moon phases. There is also a 12-week weather prediction engine that is sometimes accurate and sometimes not. An app like this can help plan trips and you can keep an eye on major storms that may ruin your hunting trip. There are a bunch of good weather apps, though, so we linked our best list at the button below. Check it out if you want a seriously good weather app!

Bonus: Survival apps

Price: Free

There are a lot of decent survival apps out there and a few them might be good for hunting. For instance, the Offline Survival Manual app has a number of tips on hunting, fishing, cleaning your catch, and cooking your catch. Additionally, there are American Red Cross apps in case you run into an emergency, a compass in case your breaks, etc. These are usually fairly simple tools that won’t help every time but may come in handy eventually. We have our best list linked up at the button below if you’re interested.

Offline Survival Manual - best nature apps

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