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The best Fitbit Charge 5 bands you can buy

It's Fitbit's most attractive tracker yet, so why not get a band to match?
August 15, 2022
Fitbit Charge 5 Review On Wrist Top
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Fitbit has a knack for making slim, attractive smartwatches and fitness trackers, and the Fitbit Charge 5 is no exception. The wearable brings a larger color AMOLED screen to the Charge series for the first time, making it the most attractive model in the lineup. If you still feel it’s a bit bland, plenty of Fitbit Charge 5 bands are available to spice up its design. But which should you choose?

Below, we take a look at some of the best Fitbit Charge 5 bands you can buy. From versatile silicone to classy metal and comfortable fabric, there’s a design and material available for every taste.

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The best Fitbit Charge 5 bands

Fitbit Charge 5 bands come in all designs and materials imaginable. Of course, some materials are better suited for specific tasks than others, but how do you choose the correct one for your needs?

You should consider a nylon or silicone strap above a leather or metal option if daily gymming is your thing. Spend more time in the boardroom? That’s a different choice altogether. You’d want a metal, leather, or slim band to fit this particular purpose.

Comfort and fit may also be a factor. While leather is among the most comfortable of materials, you’ll have to ensure it doesn’t get wet. In this case, a quick-drying soft fabric band could be the best compromise.

Style, however, is something particular to the user. If fashion is foremost in your mind, why not grab something a little flashier complete with stones or vivid color palettes?

Whatever your fancy or requirements, there’s likely a Fitbit Charge 5 band for you listed below.

TopPerfekt Sports Band: The best silicone Fitbit Charge 5 band

topperfekt band fitbit charge 5

If you bought the Fitbit Charge 5 as a running or gym companion, it’s best to get a band that puts activity first. TopPerfekt’s Sports Band does just that. Available in various colors, the strap uses a dual-slot buckle to fasten it to your wrist and two additional bands to secure the slack. Ventilation holes studded across the band ensures your skin can breathe easily, too.

Koreda Stainless Steel Mesh Loop: The best metal mesh band

koreda steel mesh loop fitbit charge 5

Silicone is a versatile material, but it lacks the sophistication of metal. Steel mesh bands just don’t go out of style, either. Perfect for a day in the office, a night out, or a light workout, Koreda’s Stainless Steel Mesh Loop is available in three colorways: Black, Champagne Gold, and Silver. It uses a magnetic fastener, which makes the Charge 5 easy to remove and comfortable to wear. The mesh design also ensures the band doesn’t smother the skin, reducing the risk of painful friction rashes.

Yewode Metal Band: The best metal link Fitbit Charge 5 band

yewode metal fitbit charge 5

Not a fan of mesh? Prefer the look of traditional timepieces? Grab this classic band style from Yewode instead. Still using stainless steel, this band uses a link system that allows it to conform to your arm freely. It’s fastened using a deployant clasp which opens using a push-button system. It’s functional, formal and turns your Charge 5 into sophisticated wristwear.

Qingqing Leather Band: The best leather band for the Fitbit Charge 5

qingqing leather band fitbit charge 5

A slim, simple, and highly comfortable band, the Qingqing Leather strap is available in two colors, namely black and pink. We love the simplicity of this strap, which fastens using a tang buckle system. This should make it great for those with smaller wrists. Leather is among the more comfortable materials to wear on the wrist, especially if you don’t work up a sweat too often.

Mtozon Bling Band: The best statement Fitbit Charge 5 band

mtozon bling band fitbit charge 5

Here’s a flashy alternative if you feel the Fitbit Charge 5 bands mentioned above are too subdued. This Mtozon band is made of metal and studded with rhinestones, adding some flash to your daily wear. It also features a simple folding clasp, making it easy to zip off the Charge 5 when required. Three colors are available, too, making this a great option for all Charge 5 owners.

Surundo band: The best durable Fitbit Charge 5 band

surundo fitbit charge 5

Scratches on wearables are inevitable, but you can delay the eventuality with a protective band. This particular example by Surundo uses plenty of silicone, which engulfs and protects the Charge 5’s edges. This should guard against casual knocks against walls, tables, and other watch-breakers. Best of all, Surundo includes two bands per pack, making this a terrific deal. There are plenty of colorways to choose from, too.

Fitbit Hook & Loop band: The best fabric Fitbit Charge 5 band

fitbit hook and loop band fitbit charge 5

Here’s one from Fitbit’s stable. This band is made of nylon and contains some recycled polyester in its construction. It’s perfect for those seeking a sustainable, comfortable band. Adding to its comfort, the band uses a hook and loop fastening system held fast with Velcro.

Maledan Slim Band: The best slim Fitbit Charge 5 bands

maledan slim band fitbit charge 5

Some people prefer slim-fitting bands, and that’s exactly what Maledan is bringing with its Slim Band range. It’s constructed using silicone, which makes it perfect for active users. The range of colors on offer should also complement those looking for a more fashion-forward solution. But the best part of all? You get three bands for ~$11.

Osber Elastic bands: The best multicolored Fitbit Charge 5 bands

osber elastic fitbit charge 5 bands

This three-pack of elastic bands feature unique embroidered straps that’ll fit snugly and reduce sweat. There’s no need to unbuckle the band when removing it, either, as its stretchy construction allows you to easily slip it on or off. Best of all are the colors and patterns available.

Chofit Case: The best clear Fitbit Charge 5 band

chofit clear case fitbit charge 5 band

Finally, how about something completely left field? If silicone, fabric, metal, or leather just doesn’t appeal to you, a clear case might be the ticket. This particular example from Chofit makes use of transparent TPU. Not only is it good-looking and unique, but it’s also a pretty great rugged option for those who dislike chunky designs.


Turn your Charge 5 over and look for the two band latches fastening the band to the tracker. Use your fingernail to press the flat button towards the tracker, then pull the band away from the tracker to release it. Do the same to remove the other side of the band.

The standard Fitbit Charge 5 band is made of a flexible elastomer material.

According to Fitbit, the small band fits wrists between 5.5—7.1 inches, while the larger band fits wrists between 7.1—8.7 inches in circumference.

Due to the different body shapes used by the two trackers, Charge 4 bands simply won’t work with the Charge 5.

No. Charge 3 bands will not work with the Charge 5. However, you can use your old Charge 3 bands with the Charge 4.